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Need a weekly TV spoilers fix? Tired of having to look at tons of websites to find the intel you seek? Search no more! CliqueClack brings you a compilation of spoilers released this past week for your favorite U.S. TV series.

Modern Family30 Rock

– Will Arnett will reprise his role as Devon Banks this season. Source: TV Line


– Teddy will return in the coming weeks and wed his boyfriend Shane in an episode set to air in early November. The wedding will take place in a Vegas chapel with an Elvis impersonator officiating. Source: TV Guide

– Adrianna will second-guess her decision to give up her baby after she finds out the adoptive parents are going through a divorce. Source: TV Line


– Brennan will deliver her baby in an episode set to air in April. In the episode, Booth and Brennan are investigating a prison escape when they get locked in and she goes into labor. Not to worry, Brennan will not actually give birth while inside the prison. Source: TV Guide and TV Line


Cheryl Ladd will play Sarah’s mother. Mother and daughter haven’t seen each other in five years. Ladd’s episode will air in January. Source: TV Line

White Collar‘s Tim DeKay will guest star on Chuck as Kieran Ryker, Sarah’s former CIA handler. Source: Entertainment Weekly

Drop Dead Diva

Lex Medlin, who plays Owen — Jane’s current boyfriend who flew away with her in the season finale — will return next season as a series regular. That seems to hint that Jane and Owen will keep being a couple next season. Bummer for Grayson, eh? Source: The Hollywood Reporter


– Kurt will lose his virginity to Blaine. Source: TV Line


– Coach Beiste will get some lovin’, as the show cast Eric Bruskotter in the major recurring role of a football recruiter who comes scouting for talent at McKinley, but finds he can’t take his eyes of the team’s coach. Source: TV Line

Gossip Girl

– Sometime this season, we will learn what happened to the real Charlie. Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Aaron Tveit will reprise his role of Trip van der Bilt in a few episodes this year. No word on why/how he will return. Source: Zap2It

Modern Family

Leslie Mann will play a woman who Cameron tries to pick up at a bar. This is part of a bet he makes with Mitchell. Source: TV Guide

Kevin Hart will play Andre, a new neighbor of the Dunphys who happens to be a physician. Source: Entertainment Weekly

Parks & Recreation

– Check out the preview below of this week’s episode during which Ron leads his Pawnee Rangers while Leslie leads the Pawnee Goddesses.




– An upcoming episode will explain how the lead character got her name, Emily Thorne: She traded identities, and the person comes back to wreak some havoc on her plan. Source: Watch with Kristin


– Episode 8 will be titled “Season 7, Time for a Wedding.” One of the brothers will end up being the groom! Source: Entertainment Weekly

Terra Nova

– The arrival of the Eleventh Pilgrimage will hold several answers as to who the Sixers are, who sent them to Terra Nova and why, as well as what the overall conspiracy is about. Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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“Glee – Kurt will lose his virginity to Blaine.”

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