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The League – Yobogoya, the cheapest bucket of beef in Illinoi-a

Two hilarious new episodes in one night means I'm working double-time to bring you the best bits and the best quotes. Also, we have the full lyrics to that ultra-catchy Yobogoya jingle!

- Season 3, Episode 6 & 7 - "Yobogoya/Carmenjello"

Man, does Ray Liotta plays intimidating really well in “Yobogoya.” He’s so intense and manic! I would be truly afraid to have him as a boss. Let’s hope Liotta comes back next season. By the way, Ruxin really loves the word collusion, doesn’t he? He’s been using it all season. I’m pretty sure the man is going to go completely insane before the end of the season … and we’re talking about the man who cackled to the heavens at the end of the last season finale. That game of charades Pete had behind Ruxin’s back was well worth the rewind on the DVR.

It’s scary how many of Andre’s trendy poser hobbies I’ve actually heard of in real life. Yes, urban foraging is a very real thing, but unless you’re trained to identify nonpoisonous mushrooms, I wouldn’t suggest trying it. And I’m afraid to see if Forag-action is a real website. Sometimes it is just better not to Google.

In “Carmenjello,” Jenny and Kevin continuing their history of totally screwing up their daughter through poorly planned lies. Plus … the unrealistically accurate silhouette in her bedroom. That is going to be one confused teenager. Speaking of Kevin, as he tried to color test Carmenjello, all I could think was, “There is no way to justify this when he gets caught.” Also, is anyone else enjoying seeing Ruxin squirm so much this season? Again, it’s about keeping the status quo — with Ruxin as league champion, he has to be kept down a few notches.

I love that Taco gets really into Forever Stamps … probably my favorite Taco entrepreneurial endeavor yet.

This double episode week has made for some very funny television. I’m loving this show more and more and if you haven’t check it out yet, do yourself a favor and watch it on Hulu or Netflix right now. I’m very excited to see the Thanksgiving episode next week, with special guest stars Sarah Silverman and Jeff Goldblum.

All the best quotes:
“I’m changing his lineup.” — Ruxin about Taco’s team
“You can’t do that.” — Jenny
“It’s illegal.” — Pete
“He has three kickers, that is illegal. Let’s see, his team name is ‘Password is Taco.’ What do you think his password is?” — Ruxin

“Shadow government, all in.” — Jenny
“One, two, three, we were never here!” — Pete, Jenny and Kevin

Yobogoya, the taste will destroy-ya!
The cheapest bucket of beef in Illinoi-a!
Yobogoya, Yobogoya, Yoyoyoyoyobagoya!
Yobagoya, makes you jump for joy-a!
What kind of meat is it? It’s a mystery for ya.
Legally we’re not allowed to call it meat,
So bring the whole family for a tasty brown treat!
– Taco’s Yobogoya jingle

“Taco, where’d you get this briefcase?” — Kevin
“Stole it from some moron.” — Taco
“It says ‘Kevin’ on it.” — Andre

“You hate this breast!” — Sophia
“No, I love that breast, and I love the other one. It’s one of the main reasons I married you — I take that statement back already.” — Ruxin

Photo Credit: FX

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One Response to “The League – Yobogoya, the cheapest bucket of beef in Illinoi-a”

November 14, 2011 at 7:47 PM

We now have a new name for *ahem* an upset tummy… “Oh no! I’ve got Yobogoyaaaaa! Don’t go in the bathroom for 30, 45 minutes..”