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Always Sunny – Why Mac is fat

After weeks of speculation, we finally learn who got Mac fat ... and it's all everybody else's fault. What a bunch of jerks!

- Season 7, Episode 10 - "How Mac Got Fat"

The format of the story is highly enjoyable because we have a normal (presumably good) person that is thrown into this world of glue sniffing and rude waitresses and Frank. Looking from the outside in makes the fans of the show remember just how nuts these people are. There’s also something great about the fact that the surprise success of the bar is never explained. For some reason people saw fit to come to this awful establishment, but luckily these normal people figured out pretty quickly that you don’t want to be served by the gang at Paddy’s pub.

It’s incredibly odd to see Mac slim again, especially when we can compare his two sizes throughout the episode. Rob McElhenney is a handsome guy … I think that’s easy to forget when he wears comedically too tiny shirts over his now bigger frame. There’s also something fun about his real life wife mocking his lack of beef cake-itude.

Out of the whole gang, the most entertaining person to see shoot himself on the foot was Dennis. It’s fun to see that giant ego turn on him, which has happened once in a while. With the weird hair dye he did totally look like the new Superman. Under the surface, Dennis really believes that the gang is dependent on him keeping up his appearance. That is insane.

I wish we could have heard more of Frank’s ideas, because that stop sign mishap had me laughing like crazy. It was like they couldn’t think what to do with him, so they dropped most of his stuff after a while. That being said, there was so much pay off when Mac realized that the majority of this season he was “gaining bulk” for nothing. Let’s all laugh at him together, shall we?

Also, I find Charlie and the crevice to be one of the funnier bits of the season. Please bring that back — anytime he’s upset or fed up, gotta go to the crevice.

All the best quotes:
“This whole thing started because we became incredibly successful and then they became monsters which in turn made them make me fat, so really I’d like to confess on them because they’re sinners and pricks!” — Mac
“Son, I don’t think you understand the purpose of Confession.” — the Priest

“Look at this now. I took two extra stop signs. Now there’s four stop signs .. so no cars can go. Ha ha!” — Frank
“Frank, you just created a four way intersection. If anything you’ve made this intersection safer!” — Charlie

“I was just trying to live up to all of your expectations of me. — Dennis
“What expectations?” — Dee
“… Physical perfection?” — Dennis

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