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Psych – Your silhouette should be on a mud flap

Will 'Psych's' Burton Guster ever find love? I hope so, because he's just so pitifully cute when he's been hit by Cupid's arrow.

- Season 6, Episode 8 - "The Tao of Gus"

Now that Shawn and Juliet are pretty well settled into their relationship, I’m beginning to feel sorry for Gus. It’s not like I want Psych to turn into a soap opera, but there’s nothing wrong with letting the Guster get a little love, no?

His fling with Diora Baird’s Nicole was cute, but it was obvious very early on that neither Gus’ nor her life would sync up together after the episode was over. That being said, his assimilation into the group was fun to watch. From the “Brother Shawns” to the Lima bean necklace to the Peace Ash, Gus was completely sucked in.

As much as I love the quotes on Psych, there were several physical bits that were exceptional:

  • Henry stepping over Nicole while she was doing yoga in the squad room
  • Gus faking being knocked out during the fight
  • Eli theatrically sweeping the tree branches out of his way
  • Dot’s running take-down of Eli

That being said, I do love my quotes. Here were some of my favorites from this episode:

[Looks longingly at Nicole] I’m going to die and come back as that peach scarf.” – Gus
“I thought you wanted to come back as the Skinny Elvis?” – Shawn
“No, you wanted to come back as Skinny Elvis. I wanted to come back as Black Michael Jackson.” – Gus
“And now you’ve downgrading to a scarf?” – Shawn
“You know that’s right.” – Gus

“The only understandable thing in the witness statement was a doodle of three large circles.” – Lassiter
“Maybe the snowman did it.” – Shawn

“Well, if you want to go off the map, you could take me home.” – Nicole
“I feel that.” – Gus

“Please tell me you are somewhere out of the way?” – Juliet
“Oh yeah, we are so far off the grid I think we’re actually back on the grid.” – Shawn

“These plums are God’s candy.” – Gus
“If God meant for them to be candy, then why did He invent candy?” – Shawn

“Dude, this is like Footloose, brawling with townies. That means I’m Kevin Bacon and you’re Lori Singer.” – Shawn
“Why do I have to be a girl?” – Gus
“Because you just swung like that [mimics a rather girly punch].” – Shawn

“If you want to speak, you have to score the gourd.” – Eli
“You’re kidding, right?” – Lassiter
“I never kid.” – Eli
[Juliet gives Lassiter a look] Oh shut up.” – Lassiter

“Don’t listen to him, he’s a slave to his own cynicism.” – Eli
“I’m a slave to love, Jack. And fashion, and movies where dogs cover their eyes when couples get intimate around them.” – Shawn

“Uh, Shawn? Why am I wearing Lima beans around my neck?” – Gus
“Because you’re a fool.” – Shawn
“Are you ever going to let me forget about this?” – Gus
“No I’m not.” – Shawn



Photo Credit: Alan Zenuk/USA Network

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