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Ninjago’s Zane remembers the nindroid

'Ninjago' takes a step in one heck of a weird direction, and, in the process, perhaps loses some of the points that should have made its lessons valuable to kids.

Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu may not be the pinacle of wholesome childhood lessons and advice, but in the surprising revelation (*ahem* SPOILER ahead) that Zane is actually a robot is not only strange and out of left field, but it enforces the thought that people who are different — who are maybe a bit too serious or not finding the same things funny — can’t possibly be human: they’re robots. That’s at least one way of looking at it.

The other interpretation you could make from this surprising new twist is that now that Zane has found what he truly is, he’ll feel more comfortable being who he is, knowing exactly why he is that way. It will cause him to feel he can still act the way he is and embrace it, not feel as though he has to be left out. At least so far the other ninjas haven’t shown an aversion to what Zane is; hopefully that won’t change in the coming episodes, and instead he’ll just remain as “one of the gang.”

Of course, this is just a cartoon, and I’m spending a late Thursday night taking it way too seriously; that’s probably the safest thing you can take from all of this. However, I couldn’t let the Zane reveal go without having a place to spout off about it. What did you think? Is this going to call for a new set of mini-figures with openable chests that show internal electronics?

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One Response to “Ninjago’s Zane remembers the nindroid”

March 17, 2012 at 8:38 AM

No sets with Zane robot parts later in the series when Kai reaches his full potential the rest of the ninjas turn Zane human