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Raising Hope – The one with Katy Perry

Raising Hope and creator Greg Garcia score again this week, by making me laugh my butt off. How did Katy Perry do as a guest star, you ask? I have to say ... not too shabby.

Yes, it’s been awhile since I reviewed Fox’s Raising Hope. And not because I don’t continue to watch it and love it. But because – how many of you would stick around to just hear me gush how silly and brilliant it is, week after week? It may get mighty boring.

However, I just had to pop my head out of the sand for this episode. Not only to share my thoughts about the guest appearance of media sensation Katy Perry, but to see what you thought of it as well. (Feel free to shout it in the comments section below.)

I wasn’t expecting too much from Katy. After all, she’s not an actress. What a pleasant surprise though! I guess she just needed to don that horrifying wig and slap on a mustache and a uniform, and voila! We get one pretty pissed off and entertaining prison guard, who isn’t afraid to exact revenge on Sabrina after poor Sab ends up under her thumb in the Big House.

Really? Who among us doesn’t have a person from grade school who caused us angst that we wouldn’t like to pay back just a bit? Wait. You don’t? Well, then you’re either fooling yourself or didn’t go to a Catholic middle school (either way, you’re lucky).

I loved the whole schmear. From Sabrina not remembering Rikki at all (“It’s me, Rikki! RIKKI!”) to Jimmy smuggling in the lyrics for “The Little Beaver Marching Song” by writing it on Hope;  to Rikki having kept (for creepy smelling purposes?) Sabrina’s girl scout uniform ‘lo these many years.

Awesome writing as usual. And another jam packed twenty two minutes (how do they do it?) with the alternate story line of Virginia saving the Mayor (great cameo by Mary Birdsong) from becoming a bad role model. The political arena was addressed and mocked (Maw Maw burning her bra and then forgetting why she was angry at all was just too perfect) and good fun was had by all.

Awhile back, creator Greg Garcia accepted my offer on Twitter of a beer the next time he’s in Michigan. But now I know I owe the entire cast and crew one too.

Huh. This is getting expensive …

“The Little Beaver Marching  Song” (lyrics)
“A Little Beaver marches without fear …
A Beaver’s always in the front and not the rear!
When a Beaver’s lost and cold she
Warms up by rubbing sticks …
I’ll never give up because a Little Beaver
Can’t be licked.”

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2 Responses to “Raising Hope – The one with Katy Perry”

March 7, 2012 at 3:38 AM

the song is so awesome

March 7, 2012 at 9:10 AM

This show is one of my favorites, it never fails to make me laugh. I can’t even choose a favorite character..they’re all hilarious. I love seeing all the alum from My Name is Earl pop in all the time. CrabMan was my favorite from that show. Katy played a great crazy person!