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The Celebrity Apprentice is causing Lisa Lampanelli to lose it

No. That headline is not a spoiler. I didn't say whether or not she got the boot. All I'm tossing at you here, is that Lisa needs a huge Valium. Like the size of Kansas.

- Season 12, Episode 8 - "Ad Hawk"

Holy Moses. This week’s edition of The Celebrity Apprentice taught me a couple of things. First of all? I agree with Lou Ferrigno. I’m glad that Lisa Lampanelli isn’t my wife too. She’s abrasive, mean, irritating, selfish and just … foul. We’ve seen in past weeks her fascination with jealousy in hating Dayana (where she completely changed her tune this time around.) Now she honed in her radar on getting Lou fired.

I’m not saying Lisa’s wrong in a lot of her criticisms of these fellow teammates. After all, she does carry the majority of the creative load in these tasks. And I told you last week that Lou should have been gone long ago. So I wasn’t surprised when the Donald blasted him for his disloyalty in coming right out and saying the opposing team’s work was better. (Um … Lou? Nice back peddling on trying to make that whole misnomer about your hearing loss. But really? As soon as that sentence came out of your face, I knew you were gone.)

The boardrooms this season have been so much nastier in my opinion than in past seasons. First of all they’re way too long, averaging forty five minutes. And it seems to me that between Him With the Hair and his children? They are just trying to goad these celebrities into getting riled up and going for each other’s jugulars. Sigh. I guess that’s called “ratings.”

Lisa Lampanelli has continually just lost her mind on several occasions. She plays this game as if her life depends on its conclusion. I worry about her sometimes. Her blood pressure must be horrible. And she’s just a lumpy ole thing (maybe I should call her Lisa Lumpanelli. But not being as evil and nasty as she is, I shall refrain.) She just needs to calm the hell down. She’s making me tired and nervous. She’s like an attack dog. She’s relentless. She never stops.

I’m soooo weary of people like this.

As an example? Look at her polar opposite in Clay Aiken. Dude’s calm cool and collected. He refuses to be led into dark places by Trump. He has fun during the tasks. He picks his battles. Yes. He’s gotten frustrated on occasion with Penn. But rightly so. He talks it out with the person and moves forward, doing what he needs to do.

Last week we had the blow out between Aubrey and Arsenio. This week it was Lisa and Lou. I admit that sometimes the conflict is fun to watch. But often times this season? It’s gone too far over the top for me. Aresenio’s “bitch and whore” tirade tonight and Lisa’s calling Dayana and Lou “fucking losers?” (And yes, you did Lisa … ) It’s just making this show a circus. And not in a good way.

Please. Pretty please? Can we all grow up here and focus on the tasks?

Geez. If I wanted this much drama and chaos, I’d time warp myself back to my childhood.

Anyway. Lou’s gone. I don’t have much to say about the task, as again I thought that Unanimous was the clear winner. The direction and look of the commercial was far superior. Although I myself would have toned down the “risque” factor. The innuendo was hitting me over the head. It could’ve been much more innocent, and still effective.

And they utilized their celebrity, which I thought was a huge problem for Forte. Always! Always use your celebrity power people!

After all? That’s one of the main reasons why it’s called The Celebrity Apprentice …



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6 Responses to “The Celebrity Apprentice is causing Lisa Lampanelli to lose it”

April 9, 2012 at 12:55 AM

Not sure where that top pic is from, but it looks old. Patricia left a couple weeks ago.

And you know they goad them to make them blow up. It’s what people will talk about. Poor Clay gets put in Forte next week. I will miss him and Arsenio working together.

April 9, 2012 at 8:50 AM

Moving Clay to Forte will be trial by fire. He can handle it. I have faith in him. Do you think he can calm Lisa down?

April 9, 2012 at 1:55 PM

Clay gets put in forte next week? Lisa will chew him up and spit him out!
She is so mean. She is such a Bully. I hope she goes home next week!
I want Clay and Aersenio as the final two! They are both awesome. I have really enjoyed watching them work together.

April 9, 2012 at 10:51 PM

Lumpanelli knew she was in trouble, so quickly buddied up with Mendoza to keep them from ganging up on her – never heard of her or aubrey before this show, and i hope their 15 minutes are up soon. I also agree with everything arsenio said about aubrey. Those 2 women are so vile, I will no longer watch the show – it is irritating and actually puts you in a bad mood.

April 10, 2012 at 7:44 AM

How much you want to bet you’ll be watching next week Bill. I’ve never watched the show before this so I had no idea how it would all work. I’m a fan of Clay and have always like Arsenio. All this exposure shows what we’ve seen in Clay for almost 10 years. He’s witty, smart, and has grace and composure. Pretty amazing singer too! Great article! Thanks!

Go Clay and Arsenio!

April 30, 2012 at 5:27 AM

I’m so disappointed…I thought that celebrity apprentice was truly a show letting the world know about charities that need attention, plus encourage the public to get involved in charities as much as possible. Sadly, it turns out that it’s all about putting money in the pockets of old man trump & fat-cat advertising ceo’s. They just use has-beens like clay aiken and the star trek guy, plus never even heard of aubrey o woody wood pecker & the elderly lady lisa, that are so desperate for money & publicity that they’re willing to go so low to blow in order to fill the celebrity apprentice rating quota. Even tho I’m sure that some celebs were sincerely there to win money for their charities, most of the has-beens aren’t and that’s why they’re kept on. I’m thoroughly disgusted and will never watch another celeb apprentice again.

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