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The Vampire Diaries season three finale is a game-changer

For a highly-publicized cliffhanger, we certainly know a lot about what went down tonight in Mystic Falls, and likely how some things will play out as season four begins next fall.

- Season 3, Episode 22 - "The Departed"

“You know what else was her call? Everything bad ever.” – Damon, on Elena making the choice to give Klaus’s body to the other originals

All I can think about is my season one mantra: no one is safe on The Vampire Diaries. No one. How will we ever see Alaric and Tyler again in their original forms? I can’t see how it would be possible. So will Matt Davis become a recurring character in Alaric (and go off and do his other CW pilot) and be Bobby Singer to Jeremy’s Sam and Dean? I’m glad that psycho Alaric seems to be gone, but not thrilled that Alaric is dead … but I’d be haunted by him any day.

I rather like the possibilities we have now that Klaus is in Tyler’s body. I’m not sure if that means Tyler is gone, that he died when Klaus’s body did, or if he’s still in there somewhere, but it certainly brings Klaus and Caroline as a power couple back to the forefront for next season. I think this will be a fun storyline to ride out.

I’m on the fence about the flashbacks. I liked the juxtaposition of Elena’s parents and Matt with the two accidents at the end, but I’m not really sure the flashbacks woven throughout the episode were written tightly enough to really make them worthwhile. I want to love the fact that Elena and Damon met, but I don’t think it was significant enough. And I’m not really sure why we had to see Elena’s and Matt’s relationship ending to understand that one of Elena’s relationships needed to. I mostly found them distracting because I wanted to be in where the action was.

But on that note, I have a prediction of what will happen. You know how everything about you is enhanced when you’re a vampire? Elena’s feelings for Damon are going to heighten, and big. Now that she knows she’s got all the time in the world, she’ll not feel an urgent need to be with Stefan right away. Or at least she’ll try her little heart out and not be able to fight her feelings for Damon. So yes, we got to see Elena choose Stefan over Damon tonight, but it’s not over, not by a longshot.

I love that so much happened on tonight’s season three finale, and there isn’t anything I’m disappointed about. I am anxious to see how everything unfolds in the beautifully set-up season four. Another round goes to Julie Plec and company!

This and that:

  • That was one seriously slutty cheerleading outfit Elena was sporting in the flashbacks.
  • I’m not sure that Alaric could exercise his guardian rights on Elena now that’s she’s 18, but that’s just a small nitpick.
  • Huge props to Michael Trevino for nailing every mannerism of Klaus. I didn’t even question for one heartbeat what had happened, because Tyler was so obviously Klaus, down to the head-tilt. Well done.
  • Looks like we’ll still have Rebekah and Elijah around for season four.
  • Damon on the phone, while Elena was making the decision about whether to give Klaus’s body to Elijah was hilarious.
  • Anyone else wanting to give Caroline the biggest hug? I adore it when Candice Accola has the opportunity to weep with abandon … she also nailed it tonight.

Photo Credit: Annette Brown/The CW

8 Responses to “The Vampire Diaries season three finale is a game-changer”

May 11, 2012 at 8:15 AM

You didnt write enough – I need more – I need more!

There was a special feeling about the episode last night- maybe a darkness, or a sadness – that was woven throughout the show. Maybe it was the lead up to several of our favorite characters dying (well sort of), maybe it was having to re-live the death of Elena’s parents who seemed so darn nice.

I agree the flashbacks could have been tighter. I liked the idea but they fell a little short. The fact that Damon did meet Elena first just ads to the sadness around Damon as a character – forever his own worst enemy. Didnt want anyone to know he was in town because he was up to no good so he made her forget.

I thought exactly the same thing about Elena. If she is going to be a vampire – watch out! Her feelings for Damon will be stronger than ever and harder to fight. That will be so fun to watch!

Paul W nails it every time. The sadness in his face – his eyes – at the end looking at Elena. Sad that she has to make the choice to die or become a vampire – something he knows she didnt want. Damon is going to be pissed! He would have NEVER saved Matt, and I am sure he will be shouting that when the show returns. I also picture him trying to lighten up the situation with maybe, “Come on, we knew it was going to happen at some point. We were’nt going to watch her die….or turn 40.” – Damon to Stefan on Elena turning into a vampire.

May 11, 2012 at 9:21 AM

Wow, what an hour! When I saw the flashback where Damon meets Elena, I yelled at the tv..he met her first!!!!! So sad!

You are so right about Michael Trevino nailing Klaus’s mannerisms down..what an awesome job he did. That tilt of his head..

Can’t wait for next season! Did anyone catch the clip from Nina Dobrev’s visit to Conan this week..where she does a yoga pose and has her bare feet in his crotch? It’s hilarious!

May 11, 2012 at 8:27 PM

This freakin’ show. It’s awesome. But infuriating. It needs a specific word for it’s crazy twists.

May 12, 2012 at 6:15 AM

This finale was almost too much for me! So, so many things going on, twists and turns and shocks and tears and deaths, it was insane!
I agree with almost everything you wrote(the slutty cheerleader outfit was a little out there – at least at my high school you got sent home to change for showing that much skin) BUT I loved the flashbacks and the way they played into what was going on in the present. Come on, the revelation that Damon DID meet Elena first, and that he was so not like the Damon we first met (asshole), didn’t move you at all?
Elena as a vampire is one prospect I have never liked – that she would become one by accident makes it a little easier to bear but not much. Mostly though I’m sad about Alaric. I hope he hangs around, even if it has to be as a ghost.

May 12, 2012 at 6:55 PM

Hi Cate! When are you going to come back and write for us again? ;-)

I will not let myself believe that Alaric is gone; they will find a way to keep him around, even if he is just a recurring character. And I don’t know why those flashbacks didn’t do it for me, but the scene with Damon just felt so contrived.

May 13, 2012 at 5:06 AM

Hmm…I don’t have a good answer for that question!
I guess I’m just a sucker for Damon and Elena as a couple. Stefan can be pretty boring, even when he’s supposed to be scary. As for Ric, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that you’re right.

May 15, 2012 at 9:40 PM

We are forgetting something important!!! whose blood was that turn Elena into a vampire??? Meredith must have take it from some of the friendly vampires, and that maybe means something, a special bond with her “sire” (my money is on Damon)

June 9, 2012 at 4:50 AM

I saw the finale and it was very sad. The way that Damon as Alaric was dying was “No No you can’t be dead” and how Damon DID meet Elena first I can’t wait to see what happens between Damon and Elena cause the two totally have more chimestry than any other couple on the show. And the return of Joseph Morgan I hope he does return one major badass hawt-E that plays klaus

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