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True Blood – Why does Sookie Stackhouse want to be normal?

Why does Sookie Stackhouse want to be normal? And we finally found out who let out Russell Edgington and why this week on ‘True Blood.’

- Season 5, Episode 7 - "In The Beginning"

I can understand why Sookie Stackhouse wants to be normal and yet I can’t quite fathom it either. I’m sure being a telepath has its many frustrating drawbacks. I know I wouldn’t want to know what most people are thinking about my non-matching outfits and my bright sparkly pink Converse when I’m at the office. And when I was out in the dating world, I sure as hell would not have wanted to know what the opposite sex was thinking some of the time either. Actually, the truth is I think I’ve finally reached an age where I don’t think I care what other people are thinking anymore.

I get that she’s starting to feel like the “Angel of Death” because so many people she’s loved have died as a result of protecting her special abilities and fairy blood. But do you think anybody would want her if she wasn’t special, because I kind of doubt it. She’s whiny and annoying at times. There are women who are far prettier than her, and honestly I don’t think she was blessed with an exceptionally beautiful mind either. If you ask me, Sookie should embrace who she is and what makes her special and quit focusing on trying to be like everybody else in their podunk town. Truthfully, I think the events are going to unfold regardless. I, for one, would rather possess special abilities that may be my best chance for survival.

But by the end of this week’s episode of True Blood titled “In the Beginning,” it appeared Sookie is trying to deplete her magic per the fairies’ warning that her magic is finite because she’s only half-fairy. A pep talk in the hospital cafeteria with a royally pissed-off Sam certainly didn’t help matters. Of course Sam really didn’t know why Sookie was asking him if he could somehow choose to be normal would he take the opportunity. To him it probably just seemed like a metaphor and he wasn’t in his right frame of mind having just been the victim of a hate crime because of his supernatural abilities.

We found out who was responsible for shooting Sam and his shape-shifting friends this week. It was some young locals that used to be friends with Hoyt and it would appear Hoyt (not being in his right frame of mind since Jessica broke up with him) has turned to their hate group for some misguidance and support. I have a bad feeling about Hoyt openly telling them how much he hates Jessica. Next week’s preview looked like it shows a captured Jessica in a silver net. Uh-oh. We also don’t know who the mastermind is behind their hateful agenda. He or she was only referred to as “The Dragon.”

We also finally found out who let out Russell Edgington and why! Turns out it was Salome because she knew Russell was the only vampire powerful enough (and crazy enough) to help her relinquish Roman’s authority as the Guardian. Salome (aided by Nora) intends to share the power in a more open establishment that began with an official ceremony in which everyone was encouraged to drink the sacred blood of Lilith. The man with the beard who called this blasphemous was quickly killed by Russell. Bill and Eric were both in attendance but it was hard to know what their motivation was. Bill kept insisting he’s still for mainstreaming with the humans, while Eric made his ill feelings toward Nora for using him as a pawn in her scheme to get Russell clearly known. And yet they both drank.

My favorite scenes occurred after they drank the blood of Lilith, which must have been like a form of ecstasy for vampires, as they all traipsed around the city together in what appeared to be a drug-induced state. The group was having a great time wreaking havoc on the humans who dared to get in their way. I especially loved it when Eric got mad at the man in the car for almost hitting them. However, things got a little weird and sinister as the group crashed a private party and ended up draining everybody in attendance. Do you think they have to really pay the extras that Bill and Eric got to feed off of, because my friend and I know some people who’d be willing to do it for free (ha-ha). What was with Lilith coming to life from the blood, and ghost Godric’s warning to Eric?

By the episode’s end, it’s becoming clearer that a war is brewing between the humans and the supernaturals, and everybody’s trying to pledge their allegiances to whomever they think will be of the most help. Alcide’s rival for the wolf pack has made it clear he wants to align the wolf pack with the vampires against the humans. Some of the wolves seem okay with this, but Alcide and Martha will probably have their supporters too.

As Arlene watched her wedding video and regretted her decision to send Terry away, we were all reminded of happier times on the show, as images of Terry kissing her pregnant belly were shown, intermixed with well wishes from Hoyt and Jessica, looking starry-eyed and in love, as well as playful, teasing messages from Lafayette and Jesus. I’m not sure I like the ominous foreshadowing of where events are headed this season.

A few more random thoughts:

  • Alcide certainly got over Sookie quickly. It doesn’t look like a Sookie-Alcide romance will be happening any time soon.
  • I liked Pam’s crimped hair.
  • I enjoyed watching Sam roll around and sniff like a dog. It made me laugh.
  • Seeing Lafayette’s mouth sewn-up made me cringe. I didn’t see Jesus’ grandfather being killed by his wife coming!
  • Was Bill really on Eric’s back as they paraded down the streets?

Memorable Quotes:

“Jesus tits on Christ, this has got to be the worst night of my life.” – Andy

“I have been born again!” – A gleeful-looking Russell Edgington

“You’re a better dancer than you are a bartender.” – Pam (to Tara)

“I ain’t been to med school or faerie school or nothin’, so if you could put it in terms a laid man can understand, I’d appreciate it.” – Jason (to Claude)

“You can’t play the grieving widow AND the leader of a coup at the same time.” – Bill (to Salome)

“He looked me in the eye and swore on my son’s grave it wasn’t true.” – Martha
“Respectfully, Martha, your son doesn’t have a grave because y’all ate him.” – Alcide
“Don’t get literal on me, Rambo.” – Martha

“I’m like a tree in the wind. I am just so happy to be included.” – Steve Newlin (to Russell, Nora and Salome)

“You just drank from some dude you don’t even know?” – Jason
“Yeah, and I suppose you know every cow you’ve eaten.” – Jessica
“What the fuck kind of question is that? I ain’t never fucked a cow!” – Jason


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One Response to “True Blood – Why does Sookie Stackhouse want to be normal?”

July 23, 2012 at 4:58 PM

This episode did one thing for sure, made me miss Godric more than ever. I think that was the best storyline in the shows run so far.

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