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Bachelor Pad – No applause from the peanut gallery

Nature abhors a vacuum. Stag leaving the Pad proved that point once again. Here's a Guest Clack from guest clacker Maurice, for ABC's 'Bachelor Pad'.

Without the Ringmaster in charge, it became apparent that players who were going to ride on the coattails of his grand schemes were now going to have to step up. And the main plan was to still remove Chris from the Pad, hell or high water!

Of course, the show had to start showing Rachel having a major meltdown with Michael leaving the house. It didn’t get any better for her once Chris told the Paddies that from now on, they would be eliminated as couples. I am sure she was sitting there thinking, “oh, NOW you want to get rid of couples together! How come this couldn’t have happened twenty minutes ago!?” And given that she had to partner up with “I’ve not done anything this whole season” Nick, she knew she was at a disadvantage, given that every other couple had “connected.”

Well, we knew that Ed and Jaclyn had “connected” a lot. …

The challenge this week was a spelling bee. Did anyone else get bad flashbacks? And I am a pretty decent speller! From the beginning, I knew that Blakely and Tony were in trouble. Not that I am calling Blakely the least sharp knife in the drawer, but remember, this is the woman that thought she and Jaclyn were best buds. I was actually hoping Kalon and Lindzi would lose only so that joker wouldn’t be gloating in the end. I mean, I have no clue what college he went to, but he reminds me of some Ivy League snob who barely made it out of school but brags about graduating to anyone who listens.

Who doesn’t love an underdog? Which is why I cheered for Chris and Sarah to win. Although I think they don’t really have a chance in hell to win it all, I don’t think it is really fair that everyone, including cra cra Blakely — who was in love with him just a week ago — wants to get rid of him. So when it came down to Ed and Jaclyn (honestly, WHO of you thought that couple was going to be in it at the end?) against Chris and Sarah, man was I happy that they won.

Line of the night: “No applause from the peanut gallery?” Thank you Chris!

So while the “Alliance” went home to drown in their sorrows, Chris and Sarah got to hop on a plane to a ranch and go dipping in a mountain pond. And do a lot of making out. Is it me, or do these ladies LOVE having these awkward conversations on camera? Sarah had to ask about where Chris’s emotional state would be after just breaking up with Emily (um, you’ve already got some from him, why are you worried about it now?) And, of course, Chris wasn’t going to spill his guts about it, so you knew he was going to give a line just to skate over! Either way, these two were itching to get into each other’s pants, so it didn’t really matter.

Well, the next date … was just sad. Honestly, I thought maybe Jaclyn would see the light and just make Ed a friend only. But for some reason, this girl is hard for this dude. I mean, he actually tells her that hooking up is a part of the show, basically saying, “Yo, I really only want you as a chill partner, so stop trying to make it something that it is not.” You would think that she would finally say “OK! I’m not going to push this anymore, I am going to leave with my dignity!” Umm … not so much. If anything, I bet she is going to be in his pants more than ever, just to make sure he knows what he would be missing. Come on girlfriend! This dude cheated on Jillian, who was cute and super sweet! Why would you think that he was going to keep it in his pants just for you after the show is over? Ugh, I would bet that she probably hooked up with him again after that awkward dinner.

Now about the roses. I had a feeling that Kalon and Lindzi were not going to survive. I mean, once Stag was gone, Kalon lost his only “real” ally. But Nick, Nick Nick … it was really obvious why you kept quiet this whole time. He was almost trying to make himself and Rachel unsafe in order to just think he was doing something.

A bit of advice, bro: stop using that brain of yours; it isn’t working too well.

In the end, the love birds got sent home. And what a cheesy “I gotta get into the limo with Lindzi” move. Whatever. Granted, they look cute together, but I give them two months. Just like I give Blakely and Tony one month. Really, they live too far away, she has no money to travel to his home whenever they get together (No cable? Ouch.), and can you see her as a stepmom? REALLY?
Oh well. Next week we continue the slow meltdown of the Ed/Jaclyn relationship and I see Rachel has another meltdown. Fun times!

Photo Credit: ABC

2 Responses to “Bachelor Pad – No applause from the peanut gallery”

August 29, 2012 at 4:50 PM

I hate to break this to you Keith, but I have seen online that Blakely is moving in with Tony..that she moved to his place (probably because he had cable)and was moving on in with him and his son. That doesn’t mean it will last more than your projected month though!

August 29, 2012 at 6:15 PM

Blakeley would make a great stepmom. Tony is a fine man with a sharp mind. Blakeley is cool and very pretty and fun. It all works.

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