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Meredith O'Brien

Twitter: MeredithOBrien
Bio: An over-caffeinated Boston area freelance writer, I write about pop culture and politics for my blog, Notes from the Asylum ( and pen a weekly pop culture and politics column for the web site Mommy Tracked . . . that's when I'm not obsessing about Mad Men or the Boston Red Sox.

Posts by Meredith O'Brien

Covert Affairs season premiere – The rules of the game are changed

‘Covert Affairs’ has dramatically changed the formula in its third season premiere and the rest of the season looks promising.

The Newsroom – Can we nix the romantic goofiness & get back to the news?

While ‘News Night’ is rebooting in order to emphasize substance over nonsense, how about having ‘The Newsroom’ follow suit?

The Newsroom premiere review – The aspirational world of Aaron Sorkin

The pilot episode of Aaron Sorkin’s ‘The Newsroom’ embodies TV news the way Sorkin wishes it would be, journalism’s version of ‘Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.’

Scandal – Sex, lies and audiotape

So we learned a lot of things in the season finale of the addictive ‘Scandal:’ Cyrus is evil, Mellie is coldly calculating and Fitz really loves Olivia. But who the heck is Quinn?

Grey’s Anatomy – Meredith Grey is cursed

In a gory and lackluster season finale, ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ killed off a quasi-main character and left five others seriously wounded and stranded in the woods after a plane crash.

Once Upon a Time – The magic is back … yay?

‘Once Upon a Time’ has just hit the reset button. What will this mean for next season? A whole bunch of new questions.

Grey’s Anatomy – I guess he’s NOT her person then?

This whole board exams/job decision has gone on long enough. Let’s just get to the finale already.