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Television and music have always held a symbiotic relationship. On bi-weekly Fridays, Tara and Michael explore some of what we've all seen and heard coming out our TV screens.

MusiClack – Devo on Square Pegs

The 80’s will be remembered for many reasons, not the least of which are its classic television shows and iconic musical groups. Both – in the form of Devo and ‘Square Pegs’ – were made for each other.

by Michael Noble

MusiClack – Bruce Springsteen shows us his demons

Legendary rocker Bruce Springsteen surprised his fans and the world over when he revealed a dark secret to the New Yorker. Tara and Michael discuss their reactions to the Boss’ revelation in this week’s edition of MusiClack.

by Tara Shrodes

Falling Skies – Sentiment equals weakness

Big questions, big death, big revelations, big exit on ‘Falling Skies.’

by Michael Noble

Inspiring musical moments in Schwartz/Savage shows – MusiClack

Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage have worked together on several shows that have had great music incorporated into them. I’ve selected three shows for this “musical moments” MusiClack. Do you remember any of these clips?

by Rachel Blum-Jose

Television game show themes – MusiClack

After the death of Richard Dawson last week, Tara and Michael got to jawin’ about old game shows. Of course that led to the inevitable discussion of game show theme songs. We asked our fellow Clackers for their help and Voila! MusiClack!

by Tara Shrodes

Donna Summer set the disco standard – MusiClack

“The Queen Of Disco” may no longer be with us, but her status as a cultural symbol will forever be remembered.

by Michael Noble

What happened to the Hall and Oates we knew and loved? – MusiClack

Wow. What happened to Hall and Oates on ‘The Voice’ during the show’s finale?!? They were terrible.

by Tara Shrodes
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