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Meredith O'Brien

Twitter: MeredithOBrien
Bio: An over-caffeinated Boston area freelance writer, I write about pop culture and politics for my blog, Notes from the Asylum ( and pen a weekly pop culture and politics column for the web site Mommy Tracked . . . that's when I'm not obsessing about Mad Men or the Boston Red Sox.

Posts by Meredith O'Brien

October Baby – Tears, anger and redemption

This is a tough movie to watch, regardless of your politics. Bring the tissues.

Friends With Kids – A smart, quirky & poignant meditation on parenthood & relationships

This Jennifer Westfeldt/Adam Scott-led ensemble dramedy delivers a down-to-earth message parents can appreciate.

Two 12-year-old Rowling fans review HP7 Part 2

My middle schoolers have practically memorized every detail of the seven-book series, so when the movies stray from the books they get miffed. Such was the case with ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2.’

Want to see more quality, female-centric films? Go see Bridesmaids!

Amid great critical buzz, ‘Bridesmaids’ enjoyed a successful opening weekend. Plus it was top-notch funny. And it starred six women.

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