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Bob Degon

Bio: I'm an obsessive TV watcher, jumping head first into my favorite shows (which have included Twin Peaks, Buffy, Angel, Deadwood, and Lost). I've also been known to force my love of TV onto others. Blogger by night, by day I spend my time designing medical products as an engineer (I know, don't hold it against me).

Posts by Bob Degon

New yogurt discoveries – Eat, Drink, and Be Snarky

I’ve recently branched out in my yogurt eating habits and have quickly become addicted to a new brand…

Looking for a different pasta salad? – Recipe Test Drive

If you’re looking for a different and unique pasta salad to take to your next cookout, try this one — it’s even mayo-free!

What’s so great about ham? – Eat, Drink, and Be Snarky

Ham is a popular dish, especially around the holidays, but I just can’t understand it.

African sweet potato stew – Recipe Test Drive

Are you looking for something to throw into the crock pot? Try this unique stew that is chock full of rich peanut butter and satisfying sweet potatoes.

Honey tangerine – a little piece of heaven

I’ve been touring the citrus fruit at my local market and the great discovery so far has been the honey tangerine — super sweet, juicy, and easy to peel. What more could you ask for?

XXX Menus – Bar Americain

I’m going to be celebrating my birthday this year at Bar Americain and in anticipation, I’ve been studying the menu.

What goes best with chili?

I’m not talking about the condiments. Everyone knows to serve sour cream, cheese, and green onions with chili. I’m talking about the side dish: Corn bread? Sourdough? Tortilla chips?

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