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Eighteen-plus side dishes to serve with burgers

Summertime food isn’t just all about the main courses. Even Jimmy Buffett knew to add a “big kosher pickle” on the side of his ‘Cheeseburger in Paradise.’ Sometimes it’s the side dishes that make the meal complete.

Grilled Chicken – Redneck Cooking

Charcoal still gives the best flavor for backyard grilling. Give the gas grill a break and try my grilled chicken on the charcoal grill for a tasty change to your outdoor cooking.

My Redneck Double Down chicken sandwich – Redneck Cooking

The KFC Double Down is a great sandwich, but try my version to see if it is just as good.

XXX Menus – Bar Americain

I’m going to be celebrating my birthday this year at Bar Americain and in anticipation, I’ve been studying the menu.

The best of CliqueClack’s pasta recipes

Why not look to the best cooks for inspiration? That’s what I did when I perused the CliqueClack Food site for pasta recipes that would make my homemade spelt pasta shine.

What goes best with chili?

I’m not talking about the condiments. Everyone knows to serve sour cream, cheese, and green onions with chili. I’m talking about the side dish: Corn bread? Sourdough? Tortilla chips?

The versatility of the peanut butter sandwich

Don’t underestimate the common peanut butter sandwich. There are so many delicious variations that you can never get bored.

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