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Pasta, chicken, beef; slow cookers and substitutions – Mini Recipe Test Drives

Here’s what I’ve been cooking and loving … Mark Bittman, Good Housekeeping and Disney Family recipes in the same post. Now that’s eclectic … and possibly a little disturbing.

Got Crabs? Visit your local Chinatown!

Upon visiting my local Chinatown, I found cheap produce and seafood, which allow for minimum preparation considering the busy work week.

Bento boxes for school lunches are the coolest

I’ve always been a little less than Martha Stewart would approve of, so do I have the stuff to make bento box lunches for my kid?

Kelp noodles with almond-miso sauce, or The Great Kelp Noodle Discovery

Kelp noodles …. nutritious, fresh, fun and with the five-year-old’s seal of approval. I’m not sure we could have picked a better new food to try.

Beans, rice, pasta and gooey cake – Recipe Roundup

I’m pretty hungry right now, so perhaps compiling this list of mouth-watering recipes was not a good choice of activities.

Garlicky Asian cabbage is awe-inspiring

I love cabbage prepared any old way, but the garlicky, salty goodness of this Thai-inspired dish was awe-inspiring. Admittedly strong words for cabbage, but delicious all the same.

What I love, what I cooked and what I’m working on – Recipe Roundup

I’ve cooked Tyler Florence, become obsessed alongside Heidi Swanson and drooled a lot with the Wednesday chef … lots of good stuff in this week’s column!

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