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Sole-wrapped asparagus with tangerine beurre blanc – Recipe Test Drive

Having never cooked sole before, and being up for something a bit different in the fish department, I happened upon a simple recipe that’s just a little more beautiful to look at than it tastes.

Six things I’ve cooked in my kitchen lately – Recipe Test Drives

I’ve recently tried some recipes I love and would make again in a heartbeat. Most of them are main dishes, but, oh, that dessert. …

Julia’s Coffee House Torte

How to make a light, slightly exotic, oh-so-deliciously-unhealthy dessert – a blanc manger with a serious twist.

Homemade vegetable bouillon, turkey meatloaf, white lentil soup – Recipe Roundup

Comfort foods have been haunting me, like Casper the Friendly Ghost, all week long. From meatloaf to soup, you can drool over the recipes that comforted me this week.

New Year’s Eve dinner with the McDuffees

A New Year’s Eve dinner of rack of lamb with berry pomegranate balsamic sauce … edamame and fresh basil risotto … roasted Brussels sprouts — all cooked, eaten and enjoyed with the help of our five year old.

French fries, oven-roasted and crunchy as all get out

I’m sure you’ve fallen into the same trap with your kids. No matter how healthy you try to be, as soon as they’re old enough to start ordering their own food at restaurants, they discover the kids’ meals… and the French fries. I really have a bone to pick with pretty much every restaurant in […]

Perfect salad nicoise is pure magic

I make salad nicoise a lot. I mean a lot. And I’ve never made it the same way twice. Sometimes, I do it very traditionally and pared down, with just greens, potatoes, green beans, olives and tuna. Other times, I’ll make a salad nicoise with a twist, and change out the olives for capers and […]

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