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Italian quesadilla … delicious, if not oxymoronic

I bought brown rice tortillas this week, and that means quesadillas in our house. The little tortilla pies are not something we indulge in very often because they just don’t come out great with corn tortillas. Since Owen and I don’t eat wheat, and we find it hard to work with the texture of the […]

John’s burritos will make you feel like a cheater – Recipe Test Drive

It’s embarrassing, it really is. I call myself a cook, yet I made this ridiculously easy meal for dinner tonight and we all fell over ourselves loving it. It feels a little wrong, like I cheated on cooking a dinner. There’s something not quite right about a meal with essentially four ingredients, but somehow it […]

Black bean, corn and tomatillo salad

Tomatillos are a very special fruit / vegetable (you know, that no man’s land of classification, like the tomato). I think of them as lemony tomatoes, and although they are traditionally used in Mexican cooking, I think they can transcend to any style of cooking were you want that tart little punch. I chose to […]

Ten tips to enjoy your Las Vegas buffet experience

Should you decide to take a trip to Las Vegas, you will inevitably encounter three things: extreme heat (in the summer, not the winter), thousands of slot machines, and buffets. While you can avoid the heat (air conditioned hotels) and the slot machines (plenty of places to shop) you can’t avoid the buffets. Especially in […]

Blackened tilapia with grape-currant salsa from Margarita Grill – Reverse Menuneering

Far be it from me to ever assume that northern New Hampshire wouldn’t have any good restaurants to choose from. Granted, they are few and far between, but isn’t everything up there? You have to drive 20 miles just to find a gas station, let alone a gourmet restaurant. There are a couple of gems […]

It’s Not Meat, It’s You – The Taco Solution

In spite of my irrational fear and loathing of onions, I love Mexican food. I mean, love it. Especially tacos. For a while, we had them for dinner at least once a week, always with ground beef. When I decided to give up beef, I didn’t really give it up because I would still eat […]

I like Moe’s, but I love Chipotle – Fast Food Generation

A few weeks ago Keith McDuffee (or, as we call him at CliqueClack Central, Your Highness) wrote up a little item comparing three nationally-known burrito shops – Chipotle, Moe’s and Qdoba. After presenting their strong and weak points he came to the absolute and total conclusion that… um, they were all good. Hey, we may […]

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