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Almost-from-scratch chili

There are plenty of chili recipes out there and I’m sure they’re delicious, but if I had to choose one chili to eat for the rest of my life, it would be this; and it practically makes itself!

Forget the rice; these quinoa burritos are delicious – Hold the Meat

Looking for another use for quinoa? How about as a rice substitute? In this edition of Hold the Meat, Kona makes vegetarian burritos with quinoa instead of rice.

What goes best with chili?

I’m not talking about the condiments. Everyone knows to serve sour cream, cheese, and green onions with chili. I’m talking about the side dish: Corn bread? Sourdough? Tortilla chips?

Chicken and corn chili – Recipe Test Drive

A recipe gets bonus points if I can put the ingredients in my crock pot and forget about it. Extra bonus points if it tastes as fantastic as this chili!

Sweet pea guacamole, for those of us with taste buds – Fresh Foodie

Sweet pea guacamole can be a delicious tasty dip if you add enough herbs and spices and you don’t think of it as a substitute for guacamole with avocados. It’s a different dip, and don’t let the fat-fearers tell you otherwise!

Spiced up chicken: A new staple

Plain boneless, skinless chicken breasts are transformed into a spicy entree with a fresh twist. Rubbed with chili seasonings, this baked chili chicken is irresistible. Topped with green bell peppers, diced tomato and onion, and a smidge of grated cheese, this is a recipe you will love.

Quesadillas galore – Recipe Roundup

Each week, fabulous recipes grace Debbie’s in-box and pop up on her computer screen, and she’s sharing her favorites with you. This week is Quesadilla week!

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