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Julia’s French toast pudding

Got a lot of old bread? This French Toast Pudding will use it all up and satisfy your sweet tooth as well.

Pretty-much-foolproof custard pie

When you’re hankering for some home-made custard pie, might as well do it yourself. It’s just better that way.

Five chocolate desserts … temptations abound

Yeah, it’s almost Valentine’s Day and I’m doing that stereotypical thing … searching for the perfect chocolate dessert. I know I don’t need an excuse to consume chocolate, but making something extra special for Valentine’s Day is selfishly romantic.

Pumpkin chocolate chip muffins … plus 10 more muffin recipes

These fluffy and moist muffins were a perfect post-Christmas breakfast … along with some bacon and eggs. Yes, it’s another muffin recipe from this self-proclaimed muffin addict.

Seven recipes for holiday cookies and bars

If you bring a cookie tray with you wherever you go in December, this post is for you.

These dark chocolate salted caramel cookies are the best thing that have ever happened to me

I love slice-and-bake cookies, but these are hands-down the greatest cookies I have ever made from scratch. They blow everything before them completely out of the water and made me start making cookies again.

The world’s easiest banana muffins – Breakfast at Clique-any’s

With just six ingredients, these banana muffins couldn’t be an easier way to get rid of those bananas that are a little bit past their prime.

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