Aaron Ashmore’s not leaving WH13 for The Following


After watching the first couple of episodes of ‘The Following’, I started to wonder if Steve Jinks was getting written out of ‘Warehouse 13′, since it appeared the actor moved to this show. Boy did I feel dumb.


To the untrained eye — and to those who just don’t always pay close attention to casting details for new shows — if you watch FOX’s new mid-season show, The Following, and have been watching Syfy’s Warehouse 13, you may be seeing a familiar face. Sure looks like it’s Aaron Ashmore — Steve Jinks — right? Wrong. Fun fact that, well, at least I didn’t know until the other day: Aaron Ashmore has an identical twin brother, Shawn.

Identical twins playing completely removed from each other — meaning, not appearing on the same show together — seems rather rare, but it’s been done before. What’s most interesting about this pair, though, is that they actually both appeared on Smallville, but in different roles that had absolutely nothing to do with each other. Aaron is best known for playing Jimmy Olsen on Smallville, but his brother was there first, as Eric Summers, the student who leeched Clark’s powers for a couple of episodes.

To make me feel further dumb to this fact: When I saw Aaron appear in Veronica Mars for the first time, I thought, “Hey look, it’s Iceman of X-Men.” Yeah … no. Iceman was played by Shawn Ashmore, not Aaron. And now I know that as well.

So, fret not — so far Jinx isn’t going anywhere from the Warehouse.

Photo Credit: Michael Lavine/FOX

2 Comments on “Aaron Ashmore’s not leaving WH13 for The Following

  1. I love the Ashmores. Oh, If I was only 20 years younger, and a celebrity, and rich, and beautiful

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