Another Dexter theory on Louis. Yes, that Louis.


Although Louis Greene has made a hasty exit from ‘Dexter’ this season, there’s till more possibilities at play. I recently found a juicy theory on reddit that would be pretty awesome if true.


I’ve said before that I was disappointed with the quick death of Masuka’s intern, Louis Greene. There was a lot of build-up to his character and his intentions, only to have him quickly killed off as though everything leading up to that moment was pointless. Why the fascination with Dexter all this time? Why the keen interest in the Ice Truck Killer? What was up with that serial killer video game? It all just fell on the floor, and Greene died before we ever learned any of it.

Did Louis ever have a better storyline planned before being killed, the writers later scrapping it because they couldn’t make it work? Or is there something more to come for the douchey intern? If this redditor theory has any meat to it, it could very well be the latter. The theory: What if Louis Greene is actually another Bay Harbor Butcher copycat?

What if Louis Greene is actually another Bay Harbor Butcher copycat?

I say “another” because, in season two, there was already a BHB copycat by the name of Ken Olson, whom Dexter quickly did a way with in a public way. This is a theory neither LaGuerta nor Matthews has yet to entertain, as LaGuerta seems to be hell-bent on pointing the finger right at Dexter as the BHB. So, it wouldn’t be out of the question that there’s another BHB copycat at large; in fact, it’s telling that this possibility hadn’t come up yet, especially by Matthews (prior to the boat house discovery, of course).

So, did Louis know that Dexter was any sort of killer at all? No, I don’t believe he did. The reason why Louis was following Dexter around goes back to another theory mentioned here before: Louis is Dexter’s nephew.

With a little evidence tinkering and helpful nudging by Dexter (and Deb!), the police would find evidence that leads them to Louis Greene as a suspect. And then the following would come together:

Estrada is found and questioned about what happened in the shipyard container, and he continues to call the would-be killer “Dickie Moser” … who he explains as the avenging son to one Brian Moser, not his brother. Some digging leads detectives to find that Louis Greene is actually the son of Brian Moser, the Ice Truck Killer, brother to Dexter. His real name: Richard “Dickie” Moser. Alright, maybe the Dickie thing doesn’t happen, since Dexter did correct Estrada and go into the whole “killed my mom” thing with him, but it could be he’s not the brightest bulb.

Masuka would be able to testify that Louis was stealing ITK evidence.

Once detectives investigate into Greene, they learn of his fascination with Dexter and the Ice Truck Killer. Masuka would be able to testify that Louis was stealing ITK evidence. Investigation of Louis’s laptop would reveal his fascination with serial killing and his desire to screw with Dexter.

Now, with sights set on Mr. Greene, Dexter’s off the radar. Meanwhile, LaGuerta and the others spend their years chasing a ghost, as they’re not aware that Louis Greene is already dead.

I’m not sure all of this could come forth in just one more episode this season, but I could see this happening next season. Dexter could head off to jail at this season’s end, only to pick up with this theory next year, and Deb on the outside helping Dexter where she can. Even if it doesn’t happen, I can fan-fiction it in my mind, because there really should be more to the Louis character than what we’d seen.

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4 Comments on “Another Dexter theory on Louis. Yes, that Louis.

  1. I had this exact theory about Louis, everything from being his nephew to how dex could frame him! I’m glad someone agrees with me…

  2. Ok so we’ve already seen what happened in the last episode and no mention of Louise.
    I just thought I should say this, I think I remember Laguerta once saying that the blood slide that she found wasn’t the work of a copycat because that detail was never released to the public and that’s how she’s sure the real Bay Harbor Butcher is still alive.

  3. I just watched the finale. So… Louis really was just a waste of our time?

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