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CliqueClack Presidential Nominations: Rupert Giles for president



Have you been following CliqueClack’s mock election process? We thought some of our fictional friends might run the country better than the actual presidential candidates. So far, we’ve nominated Laura Roslin, Optimus Prime and Richard Nixon’s Head for president.

So I suppose when I nominate Rupert Giles (a Brit???) as a candidate for the presidency, it won’t seem so strange … or will it? Join me after the jump for my official nomination “speech” — Rupert Giles for president; go Giles!


  • He’s a proven leader: He knows how to rally the troops and organize them to get the job done, often on a very strict time schedule. The world hasn’t ended, right? So we know he’s been successful. Has The Master bothered you lately? How about the lizard mayor? I thought not.
  • Giles surpasses every other candidate in his intensive research skills. These skills would really come in handy if he were president. He’d give a great debate or speech; he’d even understand a situation before he (*gasp*) made any decisions about it. Maybe he’d even bring his occult library to the White House, attracting a whole new crowd toward politics.
  • We know that Giles is willing to do what it takes to protect his charge — remember when he killed Ben at the end of season 5? This protective streak is just what our country needs. We’ll overlook the murder.
  • He’s got a shady past. We don’t know a lot about Giles’ past, but what we do know is very, very shady. Sounds like a lot of successful politicians, doesn’t it? Heck, just having a cool friend like Ethan Rayne should get him elected, what with the living Halloween costumes, the band candy and the Rayne-induced trip down Fyarl demon lane for our pal Rupert.


  • Sometimes it is hard for Giles to keep himself objective. He tends to get too attached to those he leads, which can sometimes end in near-apocalypse. he actually got fired from being a Watcher because of his father-like attachment to Buffy.
  • Oh, there is that pesky little thing about a U.S. Citizenship ….

Possible Running Mates:

Since it seems all the rage to choose a woman, regardless of her experience or credentials, Buffy Summers would be an obvious choice. She’s been known to be a bit headstrong and power-hungry, so she’d fit in well at the White House.

If Giles wanted to cash in on the recession crisis, he could choose Anya as a running mate; she’s frugal and very good with money.

Don’t forget, you readers will have the chance to vote for your favorite candidates, so be sure to follow all of the CliqueClack nominations and look for details on how to vote!

2 Responses to “CliqueClack Presidential Nominations: Rupert Giles for president”

October 24, 2008 at 7:25 PM

His dark past may cause him to run into a few problems :) but then again I think Bush’s past was worse and he managed to become President

October 25, 2008 at 4:51 AM

I’d vote for him. I’d prefer Anya as VP to Buffy tho; Anya would be best prepared to help balance the budget. The citizenship thing might be a tough one though.

I doubt Richard Nixon’s Head could run either; he’s been impeached once, can’t you not run for president if you’ve been impeached? Or something?

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