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White Collar promotion on social media beats the rest

This sense of community, as well as the writing, acting, and chemistry among the character, keeps 'White Collar' on my daily radar, and ensures that I'll be tuning in when the show returns.

If you love television, there’s a good bet that you spend as much time reading about it as watching it. At least, I do. Last week, I wondered who you’re following on Twitter. I’ve been thinking this week about who does the best job at promoting their show on both Twitter and Facebook, which are the two social media I use daily. Perhaps there are other social media I’m missing and somebody is doing better. However, on Twitter and Facebook, White Collar wins, hands down. That’s something given the fact that the show isn’t even on the air right now.

Why do I think it’s White Collar? Because they are present on both Twitter and Facebook daily. I wish I could have seen the job posting: “Tweet and update Facebook at regular intervals for White Collar.” I would have applied for that job. My focus here, though, is Twitter. Not only do they update frequently, but there is a tremendous synthesis between the fans (@timdekayfan and @mattbomerfan), the stars (@Marsha_Thomason, @TAThiessen, and @sharifatkins), and the writers and director. They all seem to be very aware and supportive of each other, and retweet each other frequently.

Even though I’m fairly bombarded with all things White Collar, it doesn’t irritate me the way some tweeters do. I think it’s mostly to do with the fact that they post pictures so often of the filming on the set. The other day, they all posted that Tim DeKay’s negotiation demands that he always be transported in a Bentley, but that didn’t go so well for him (see the pic above). It’s the playfulness of everyone involved with the show, the participation, and this coordinated effort that makes me feel like I am part of their show’s family. They have demonstrated, through letting fans take pictures on the set and through all of this wonderful synchronicity, that their fans are important– and that they are accessible to their fans– ergo, accessible to me.

So, who do YOU think does the best job at show promotion within social media sites? And what social mediums am I missing?

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One Response to “White Collar promotion on social media beats the rest”

January 13, 2011 at 4:54 AM

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