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The Middle – Did Brick even try turning the knob the other way?

I totally didn’t expect Bob to turn into the creepy guy that works with Frankie. He always seemed a little weird, but the last thing a show already compared to 'Malcolm in the Middle' needs is to create another Craig Feldspar.

- Season 2, Episode 3 - "The Diaper Incident"

I have failed you. It wasn’t my intention, but I have let you, dear CliqueClack readers, down. For various reasons that I won’t bore you with now, I’ve been unable to share with you my thoughts on the new season of The Middle … until now. But I’ve finally returned to open up the floor to a discussion about one of the best — and most criminally overlooked — shows on TV today.

If I might skip back to the premiere, how great was it to see Doris Roberts onscreen with Patricia Heaton again? Roberts played Brick’s new teacher Ms. Rinsky, who charged Heaton’s Frankie with smothering. A little bit of the pot calling the kettle black, eh Marie?

Last week was the big homecoming game. Did someone forget that Axl played quarterback on JV? Anyway, I loved that we got to see Sue at a cross-country meet. I’d read in a preview of the new season that Sue’s new sport would be a major plot line for her, and I love that it’s ever-present. It’s totally within character … and also great for wardrobe that she’ll be wearing that sweater year-round. Was it lined in the premiere? And how about Brick and the leaves? That was awesome.

Last night’s episode was another great one. The montage of Mike’s school of medicine was hilarious, and also very disgusting when he pulled out a knife to rid himself of an errant mole. Sue’s crush on Sean (Beau Wirick) was kind of stupid (I really feel bad that her friend needs to sit through her nonsense), but it’s nice to see the infrequent sibling love between Axl and Sue. It’s very authentic for teenage siblings to come through for one another at crucial times. And it’s always good to see Brad (Brock Ciarlelli).

It’s hard to believe that Frankie would really be having a “getting old” moment like that when Heaton looks as young as she does. I suppose anyone can throw out their back, but the diaper incident, while extremely funny, just didn’t fly. Still, what it told me was that The Middle is just as happy to save the good material for the kids sometimes as it is to give it to the adults.

Because Brick’s story was fantastic. Learning that Frankie had lied to him when she told him it was illegal for kids under the age of ten to eat candy (“The president must think I’m crazy for writing all those letter!”), Brick started to unravel all the many lies that Frankie had told him, Axl, and Sue over the years when she wanted them to listen to her. Brick’s checklist of things that he disproved was great, and it was hilarious when he let her know that he’d rode home with a stranger — “perfectly fine” (don’t try that one at home). That kid is awesome.

The entire show is awesome. Whether or not any of the actors deserve recognition for their individual contributions, the fact that The Middle doesn’t get more visibility is practically criminal. I believe it’s due to the fact that it lives in the shadow of Modern Family … not to detract from the latter show, which is having a great second season as well, but The Middle is scoring every week. For now I’m going to chalk it up to the fact that I haven’t covered it the last two weeks, but if you haven’t been watching the show, you should rectify that now. It’s great.

“I don’t need you dying early and sticking me with the kids.” – Frankie to Mike, showing just how much she’ll missing him when he’s gone

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3 Responses to “The Middle – Did Brick even try turning the knob the other way?”

October 7, 2010 at 6:20 PM

Craig Feldspar only wanted the wife on Malcolm, whose name I completely forgot. So it’s not quite the same.

Brick is amazing, he makes the show special. This whole season has been off to a great start.

However last night had too much Sue, her storyline was just too long and she needed to stop being such a freak. Her stupid, annoying, funny freakishness just went on a little too much.

Brick was amazing in the bathroom, with the water and the lying. He has a point, which way is turning the nob right?

Axl being a caring brother was great, however he wasn’t in his underwear this episode! That’s no good! :-D

October 7, 2010 at 9:42 PM

After Axl mopped milk up off of his bare chest the other week with a piece of bread that he then ate, you still want more?

October 7, 2010 at 10:17 PM


But ABC wouldn’t be able to show it 8pm… or ever.

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