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Every episode is a party on Gossip Girl

You know when Dan Humphrey gets involved with the scheming that defines 'Gossip Girl,' things might be getting a little bit out of hand.

- Season 4, Episode 7 - "War of the Roses"

It must be exhausting to live the life of a Upper-East-Sider. I mean, first off, you’ve got to go to a party every other night. While at these parties, you’ve got to scheme the complete and utter destruction of someone else at the gathering. When you’re not planning the weekly take down of someone, then, well, you’re either in class, day-drinking, or planning a long-term takedown of someone at the party, like Juliet and Ben are.

You know how when shows like Lost and Battlestar Galatica would come back from a long hiatus, and they’d have to have a full recap show to explain to viewers what was going on? I think we’re to the point of needing one of those to explain the Ben-Juliet-Colin triangle, and how Serena factors into the whole thing. Or a flowchart … or something. Serena did something, I’m sure inadvertently, to Juliet and Ben, I’m thinking most likely something to do with their parents. Colin isn’t aware of the scheming, but is obviously aware of whatever tragedy befell his extended family. It seems we uncover some Serena’s deepest, darkest secret every season. At least this year, she probably doesn’t know the secret herself.

Speaking of Lost, Ben and Juliet? Seriously?

Dan surely has slipped down the rabbit hole. I get his motivations, the protection (and hopeful restoration) of poor pitiful Little J, but to stoop to that level? And, by “that level” I mean sophomoric. He’s better than that, both morally and immorally.

I’m a stats and numbers guy, they fascinate me. And courtesy of the Barney Stinson Statistics Company, I can tell you that 101.23% of Gossip Girl episodes include a party, bash, ball, soiree, klatch … some excuse for the boys and girls (and their parents and other adult counterparts) to dress up in their finery. Do people really party that much?

Notes & Quotes

  • “Moving on to Article 47 … strip clubs in the outer boroughs.” – Serena, making me really wonder what Article 46 was
  • And really … Who drafted the agenda of this particular meeting?
  • How does Ben get a cell phone to receive Juliet’s texts in prison?
  • The street that Colin lives on doesn’t seem to be the same that he was stealing cabs from Serena earlier in the season — did he move?
  • I’m assuming there were a few “celebrities” at Blair’s party that a cooler, hipper version of me would have recognized.
  • I love Dorota, by the way … Just sayin’.

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Photo Credit: The CW

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