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Desperate Housewives – Mrs. Young in the parlor with a pistol

Tom and Lynette fight ... and make up ... again, Susan has a touching moment with her mother, Gaby has a creepy new obsession and it looks like Paul Young did arrange his own shooting to frame someone on Wisteria Lane.

- Season 7, Episode 12 - "Where Do I Belong"

I really don’t have much to say about this week’s Desperate Housewives. After last week’s crackling good start to the second half of the season, the plots and the writing pretty much went right into the crapper this week. There was one moment that I did like and that was the very touching scene between Susan and her mother Sophie, played again by Lesley Anne Warren. After Susan’s request to be tested as a possible kidney donor was flat out rejected by her mother for what seemed like selfish reasons, Susan’s aunt (guest star Valerie Harper) spilled the beans that Sophie was diagnosed with breast cancer and couldn’t donate a kidney but she didn’t want Susan to know and worry. Susan and Sophie telling each other how they truly felt about each other for probably the first time in their lives was a really nice moment and well acted by both actors.

I just want to forget about Gaby’s new obsession with Princess Valerie, the doll she’s using as a substitute for Grace, and the way they’re turning Juanita and Celia into monsters. Maybe it’s time for a crossover appearance from Jo Frost from Supernanny. And the Scavos. I’ve been griping about them all season and again this week they had another marital issue that was solved by the end of the episode. The best part of that whole ordeal was Renee popping up in the back seat of Tom’s car with a big hat and giant sunglasses to tell him that Lynette knew they had slept together twenty years ago and that she was responsible for all of his little accidents. All it took was family around the dinner table to make everything right with the world again. Until next week.

No Paul Young this week, but I’m beginning to think my theory about his shooting is right on the money. After Bree was cajoled into showing Beth some kindness by Reverend Sykes, she invited Beth to join her and her friends for a girls’ night at her house. Naturally, none of them were particularly thrilled to be in the same room with Paul’s wife, and after what seemed like hours of silence and staring Bree pulled the women aside and reminded them what happened to Paul’s last wife whose problems they ignored. When they came back to the living room, Beth sat on the sofa and suddenly found a gun under the pillow and accused the women of trying to frame her. How did she manage to bring a gun into Bree’s house? Try the mysterious flower delivery man — who turned out to be Paul’s son Zach in disguise. I’m sure he had planted (no pun intended) the gun in the flowers that Bree thought were from Keith, and when the ladies were out of the room Beth retrieved it and planted it under the pillow in order to frame Bree while making it look like she was being framed. Might have been clever if I hadn’t already decided that the shooting was already a set-up. Oh well, at least we have the return of Polly Bergen and a special appearance by Larry Hagman next week!

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