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Supernatural brings back the old

This episode started a bit on the slow side, but ended off just like the good ol' days. Sam and Dean sharing a beer by the Impala, wrapping up some of what had just gone on ... good times.

- Season 7, Episode 4 - "Defending Your Life"

There were two big talking points regarding this episode: the “return” of Jo, and the fallout from Dean killing Amy last week. Seeing Jo again really made me long for the earlier seasons when she was around — the whole gang. I have to admit that I’m still not 100% confident that this Jo we saw is “the” Jo, mostly because the topic of where she is — Heaven, Hell or somewhere else — never comes up, especially how close everyone’s been coming to those places lately. Is Osiris really all that all-and-powerful enough that he’s able to rip people from Heaven, or is that a byproduct from God being absent upstairs?

Jo and Dean always had a very interesting, complicated relationship. On one hand there was some definite sexual tension between the two whenever they were together; on the other hand, at times they felt more like brother and sister. It seemed that the two of them were more comfortable with that bro/sis thing than actually full-on hooking up, and even after death that’s just how they left it.

As for the show bringing dead people back, I want to see the boys’ dad come back, dammit! Make it happen already!

As for the fallout from Dean killing Amy, I’m mostly hoping this is the end of that subject, at least as far as Sam is concerned. If there was a time Sam would or should find out about what Dean resorted to last week, it was here. There’s no point in dragging that subject out again. I do wonder about how quickly Sam has been able to get over guilt than Dean has, and the excuse of it being Hell that did it for Sam doesn’t quite sit right. Dean was in Hell, too, but maybe it’s the things he did there that make him feel worse than Sam?

Hm … here’s a crazy thought. We learned that time doesn’t work the same in Hell than it does on Earth, from when Dean spent some time down there. Apparently he was there a LONG time, whereas up here only a short time had passed. What if time doesn’t actually work at the same moment, either? What I mean is, imagine if later we learn that Dean was torturing people he sometimes never saw the faces of … and one was Sam, through that cage? OK, I’ll put this thing out now.

I already miss Cas. Cas seems all but completely dismissed; not even a mention now. The boys would call out to Cas all the time for help. Couldn’t they at least forget once, to give the poor guy a short shout-out?

Lastly, I have to say that the lines could be funnier. The first two episodes were awesome with the funny lines — “Trenchcoat on a tortilla!” Come on! I didn’t get all that many from this episode, and even the one I picked below was just OK. got any I missed?

“Alright, congrats on your sobriety. [tosses Dean an AA chip] Let’s go find where Jane’s is.” – Sam
“I uh … gave up AA for Lent.” – Dean
“We’re not Catholic.” – Sam
“Always with the details. AA gives me the jeebs.” – Dean
“Wow. Shocker.” – Sam

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2 Responses to “Supernatural brings back the old”

October 15, 2011 at 12:37 PM

From my point of view I never bought the whole bro/sis thing with Jo and Dean. It was always obvious that she had serious feelings for him, and I think he even had some for her. But the way it was played (crazy sexual tension whenever they were together but nothing ever happening) made it seem that Dean felt like acting on it would be ruining her life even more. Which let’s face it, is probably true. At least that’s what I think the writers originally intended. I think we all know that Jo’s time on the show was originally truncated because the contingent of female hating SPN fangirls kept screaming bloody murder about her existence until Kripke caved and got rid of her as a series regular. Which sucked, to be honest. She was a great, interesting character, romantic interest for Dean or not.

I too was glad to see Jo again, it reminded me of old times. Of late the list of allies the boys can go to in a jam has dwindled to…well, Bobby. That’s it. Remember when there was a whole cast of misfits? Ellen, Jo, Ash, Missouri, etc.? I think it made for a more interesting and slightly less formulaic setup. Now the show has kind of gotten a bit tedious with the roll into town, see something weird, consult Bobby by phone, rinse, repeat. They used to meet all kinds of interesting people on their journeys, and now it’s just them and Bobby all the time. I love Bobby don’t get me wrong, it’d just be nice if they could meet more weirdos like themselves along the way, like they used to.

October 15, 2011 at 1:43 PM

Oh, how I long for the Kripkie era of Supernatural.

So Sera’s answer to all is turn Dean, who has faced down monsters, angels, and even the devil himself, into a lying, snarky, feel sorry for himself, raging alcoholic. Then, Sam (who I love)who has been less than the most honest guy in town, is issued a “pass”. Sure, he is insane but at least he is serene.


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