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Sons of Anarchy – Gemma comes clean

Gemma bathes in the cathartic light of the truth. Oh wait, no she doesn't. She's making a ruthless ploy to further her own interests. I love you, Gemma. Don't ever change.

I love how in a show filled with “Call of Duty“-style explosions, people running cars through plate-glass windows, and best friends killing each other, the ultimate battle involves no bloodshed at all: it comes down to a battle of wills between Gemma and Tara. They’re both fighting for the dream they have of the life they want and Jax is in the middle. If this were real life, I wouldn’t count Tara out. Although she’s ostensibly weaker than Gemma, there are times when the student has definitely surpassed the teacher – and as she pointed out, she is smarter than her future mother-in-law, though not quite as ruthless. However, as this is a television show and Jax and Tara moving to Oregon with their happy family would ruin it, it’s clear that Gemma’s going to win. The question now is, but at what cost?

Clay’s probably not going to survive the season, and if he does, he’s certainly not going to survive as president of the club. If Jax can’t leave the club, there’s no way that Tara’s going to continue down the path of becoming a proto-Gemma. She tried it for a while, but ultimately it’s not her. Gemma is 100% committed to and entrenched in the life, while Tara still has one foot firmly out the door.

Yes, Jax says he’s done, and I’m sure he believes it. However, Gemma’s making a big play here: she’s hoping that by telling Jax the truth, not only will he finish taking care of the Clay problem, but he’ll be driven further into the club. Tara’s hoping that by helping him kill Clay, she’s providing the closure he needs to finally leave Charming behind. The question really comes down to who knows Jax best?

When Tara made Jax and Gemma tell her that they loved her, my first thought was that she was going to kill herself. Generally, when characters get weird like that, it’s a prelude to something tragic. However, there’s no way Tara would leave her boys behind like that. So what’s left? My guess is Tara runs.

I could absolutely see next season focusing on Jax trying to find Tara. It would certainly be compelling, as she can’t just run and start a new life with a new job at a hospital. Hospitals are fantastic about posting staff directories online; it would take about five minutes for Jax or anyone else to track her down. So continuing her career isn’t an option, which she has already come to terms with on some level, due to her hand injury. Since she doesn’t have that method of supporting herself, I have a feeling that Tara’s going to do something crazy; something brazen: like steal the cartel’s money.

Even if she and Jax had a safe with 20 grand or so in it like Gemma and Clay do, that’s not going to last her very long. She’s going to need a lot more cash, and the drug money is the only realistic way she can get it. Whatever prospect they have guarding it would certainly let her through; she’s their doctor after all, not to mention Jax’s old lady. No one outside of Gemma and maybe Jax would ever think she would do something so insane.

Jax and Tara aren’t going to live happily ever after – not after the fourth season, at least. However, I don’t think that killing her is an option right now either. To me, running seems like the only place the story can go. I’ll guess we’ll see how right I am next week.


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3 Responses to “Sons of Anarchy – Gemma comes clean”

November 30, 2011 at 9:05 AM

What’s flying under the radar: Romeo having “good intel” that Otto didn’t flip. They had a leak problem earlier, and considering Galindo is doomed if they show up for the meet (which Jax tried to wave off), it makes no sense for Romeo to mislead Jax… But Romeo being lied to, by an ambitious 2nd in command, jockeying for control? That makes sense.

November 30, 2011 at 10:14 AM

I don’t think Tara will survive the season. I think Romeo will have her killed during the Sons/IRA/Cartel meet. He was pretty clear that it had to be done, and now Clay is out of the running to do it. The cops will bust in and arrest everyone before Jax can take out Clay, which means Clay will survive until next season at least.

I’m probably wrong, but it’s kind of fun to guess.

November 30, 2011 at 11:22 AM

I can see Tara running for sure!
I could not believe, and don’t know why nobody is talking about how guickly opie’s rage went away. He got shot and knocked out, but all he could say, is Clay’s got to die?

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