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30 Rock – Denise Richards is an idiot (and a good sport)

Jack and Liz have always been the backbone of '30 Rock' and that didn't change this week as Jack gave Liz the 3rd degree about her new secret boyfriend.

- Season 6, Episode 2 - "Idiots Are People Two!"

There’s a weird thing that happens when you review a show for years. Having to look at just about every episode of 30 Rock critically, it makes small ups and downs from season to season or episode to episode look a lot bigger. During 30 Rock’s long time off the air, I went back and watched just about every episode, and I realized something: this show has been incredibly consistent over five seasons. Tonight’s episode (and last week’s) have shown that this continues to be the case.

These first two episodes of the new season have really shined a light on Jenna and her insanity. She had a ton of fantastic quotes in this episode as her and Kenneth teamed up for a bizarre mercury poisoning subplot. It was also great to see the show taking a note from real life and addressing Tracy Morgan’s contraversial comments from last summer.

As has become a tradition on 30 Rock, we were also treated to a couple great cameos. Denise Richards is clearly a great sport, as she appeared as herself, the celebrity spokesperson for idiots. Then there was Kelsey Grammer returning to the show. He certainly didn’t do much in the episode, but the James Bond ending was pretty fantastic.

My favorite part of the episode, though (per usual) was Jack and Liz. Liz’s new boyfriend, Criss (as played by James Marsden) seems to be a bit of a broken record, and Jack was eager to point it out. Liz just doesn’t have good luck with men. Things seem to be going well, but Jack doesn’t tend to be wrong when it comes to Liz’s love life, and let’s face it, would the show be the same if Liz had a great boyfriend? In any case, I’m looking forward to see how the relationship will inevitably collapse.

Finally — Did you notice that Liz’s gender neutral doll was wearing the exact same outfit as Liz herself? Classic.

Lot’s of quote this week:

“Did you know that Snuggles the fabric softener bear is gay? He’s dating the Charmin cub. I thought they were babies!” – Pete

“Lemon, I have said ‘good God’ to you before, but I don’t think I’ve ever meant it until now. GOOD GOD!”  – Jack

“I’m afraid I have bad news.” – Kenneth
“Jenny McCarthy died? But who could have been slowly poisoning her? Was she poisoned? I have no way of knowing because I’m just hearing about it.” – Jenna

“I just found out this morning! Terri Polo and Ving Rhames called me at home” – Jenna, on becoming a B List celebrity

“Picking a lock is like riding a bike — they’re both skills you need to escape the Atlanta Falcons equipment room” – Jenna

“I faked mercury poisoning to get out my contract with Trivial Pursuit the Musical.” – Jenna

“I’m gonna to tell you what I told Phil Spector: It’s gonna be okay baby, we just have to get some trash bags and get back here before anyone’s the wiser. Then we can keep recording my album.” – Jenna

“This marker smells good.” – Idiot protest poster

“You, certainly, need idiots. Who do  you think is watching your show? … Black nerds, JetBlue passengers who fall asleep with the TV on, pets whose owners have died, and idiots.” – Jack

“Imagine what the internet would do with this: Maroney found in closet with unconscious married man and inbred virgin. Again!?!  No way. I have too much to lose now. I am this close to becoming the spokeswoman for the vaginal mesh industry. Vaginal mesh, nice try prolapse!” – Jenna

“I USED YOUR BATHROOM” – Memo line on Jack’s check to Criss

Photo Credit: Ali Goldstein/NBC Universal

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One Response to “30 Rock – Denise Richards is an idiot (and a good sport)”

January 20, 2012 at 12:14 AM

… “Black nerds”?! Hey! I resemble that remark! And, wait, are we THAT unloved for 30R to equate us with JetBlue passengers and the other “forgotten” they equated us with? ;)

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