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Big Bang Theory – Sheldon erects his wood … in Settlers of Catan

'The Big Bang Theory' celebrates its 100th episode by showing us a small 'what-if' scenario. Only they don't tell us it is fantasy until after we've bought into the story.

- Season 5, Episode 13 - "The Recombination Hypothesis"

I’m not sure what I expected out of The Big Bang Theory’s 100th episode, but it wasn’t that. Sure the episode brought the funny, as it always does (see, always can be good sometimes too!). Generally, though, shows seem to celebrate their 100th episodes with big goings on; instead of that, BBT just gave us a big tease.

Maybe it was because How I Met Your Mother did the same type of bait and switch story recently (though, at least the bait and switch here was borne out of comedy, and not drama). Or maybe it is just because I don’t like the idea of the reality of a show changing without telling the viewer (I guess I would have hated that Bob Newhart guy). Regardless, letting viewers think that Leonard and Penny were actually getting back together (or were at least at some beta-testing phase of that eventuality) is just wrong. To make matters worse, once we discover the subterfuge, the story ends without letting us know the date actually turned out.

Not my cup of tea.

Despite not being a big fan of the plot, I did find the episode, as a whole, hilarious. I particularly liked the running “always” joke, but I couldn’t necessarily get that whole run down in the quotes section of the post. Here are all of the great quotes I did get. As always, if I missed your favorite quote, be sure to share it in the comments:

“Feel like trying something new for dinner? Maybe Indian … Tex Mex?” – Leonard
“Did you ever wonder how humans would be different if they evolved from lizards instead of mammals?” – Sheldon
“OK … lets talk about that.” – Leonard

 “Live long and suck it, Zachary Quinto.” – Sheldon, upon learning “they” had sent the wrong version of the life-size cardboard-cutout of Spock

“Sometimes Howard and I pretend that his arrhythmia is acting up and I’m his sexy cardiologist and the naughty part is I’m not in his HMO network.” – Bernadette

“I want to build a road. But I need wood. Either of you fellas have wood?” – Sheldon
[Giggles]” – Howard and Raj
“I don’t understand the laughter. The object of ‘Settlers of Catan’ is to build roads and settlements. To do so requires wood. Now I have sheep, I need wood … who has wood for my sheep?” – Sheldon

“Did you forget what Penny did to you? It took two years and defiling my sister to turn that frown upside down.” – Raj
“I didn’t defile your sister, we had a relationship.” – Leonard
“I heard you call her ‘brown sugar.’ In my book that’s defilement.” – Raj

“The reason you’re fixated on a good-natured simpleton like Penny is that she’s the exact opposite of your first romantic attachment: your brilliant yet intimidating mother.” – Sheldon
“Where would you get that from?” – Leonard
“It’s in her book Needy Baby, Greedy Baby.” – Sheldon

“I’ve just gotten a big government grant to see if [his lasers] can be used to knock out incoming ballistic missiles.” – Leonard
“Wow. Can they?” – Penny
[Guffaws] Oh God no! … The money’s pretty good.” – Leonard

 “Hey, I went out with this guy TJ for eight months. We never talked. To this day, I don’t know what TJ stands for.” – Penny
“Wait, if you didn’t talk what did you … never mind stupid question.” – Leonard

 “And now that I have some wood, I will begin the erection of my settlement.” – Sheldon

“Now back to our game … where were we?” – Sheldon
“Weren’t you in the middle of an erection” – Raj
[Pauses] Oh, of course its right here in my hand.” – Sheldon

“Look, help me out here. How does a miserable date end in sex?” – Leonard
“I don’t know, its complicated.” – Penny
“I’m a pretty smart guy and right now my brain has dibs on the blood supply so give it ago.” – Leonard

“Boy I don’t know if I could be friends with Howie if we broke up.” – Bernadette
“Why not?” – Howard
“I’m a very vengeful person.” – Bernadette
“Really?” – Howard
“With access to weaponized smallpox.” – Bernadette

“Leonard, promise me that when our new waitress comes over, you will not start a complicated on-again-off-again relationship with her, because I’m very hungry.” – Sheldon


Photo Credit: CBS

2 Responses to “Big Bang Theory – Sheldon erects his wood … in Settlers of Catan”

January 20, 2012 at 7:47 AM

Catan! *Squee*

<—- Huge board game nerd

January 20, 2012 at 10:01 AM

Hey man, big fan of the post! you are right the tease was annoying, but they did bring their comedy A-game.

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