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Revenge – Daniel and Emily are engaged

Daniel and Emily get engaged on 'Revenge' while a long kept secret gets revealed! Emily's plan causes many people to be hurt, will she stop?

- Season 1, Episode 13 - "Commitment"

Emily’s plan took an unexpected turn when she found her father’s video interviews. The revelation that Charlotte was her half-sister ended up setting into motion events that got out of Emily’s control. People were hurt … Jack was hurt!

Emily decided that the truth about Charlotte had to be revealed and used that to also push Amanda out of town. I guessed last week that Charlotte’s paternity would be used by Victoria in order to get custody of her daughter. I love that the show turned that theory on its head and instead Conrad used it against Victoria.

After living the high life at the expense of David and Emily, Conrad and Victoria deserve what is coming. Unfortunately, those around them are suffering as well. Neither Charlotte nor Daniel deserve the fall out of their parents misdeeds.

Within a day, Charlotte got a dream offer from her father and then was basically alienated by him. Conrad came up with the perfect plan to win Charlotte’s affections by accepting and helping Declan go to her school. He was very manipulative and would do anything to hurt Victoria. That is until he found out Charlotte wasn’t his daughter.

Poor Charlotte. Since she doesn’t know the truth, her father’s sudden alienation must have been hurtful and confusing. Conrad said that he isn’t going to take her trust back, but will he follow through on his offer to Declan? After loving her for all these years, how can he just turn his back on her now? I wouldn’t be surprised if after the initial shock wears off if Conrad realizes that his plan to take Charlotte from Victoria is still the best way to win.

Victoria was blindsinded by her secret coming out, but she will do whatever she must to in order to come out on top. How will she overcome Conrad’s ultimatum? Is Conrad really willing to go to court and risk all their secrets coming out? I don’t think so. At this point, what does Victoria have to lose? I think she will threaten to tell all, including what they did to David Clarke.

Though that plan could be tricky now that Victoria implied to Daniel that David raped her. She will do anything to try to protect what she has, even further disgrace the love of her life. Does she hate Charlotte that much? For us, this turn had the positive outcome that Emily held firm to her plans of revenge.

Emily’s plans have hurt those around her, most importantly, Jack. Just when I started to think she really loves Daniel, she shows her true feelings for Jack. What will she do next? We know she is still engaged to Daniel as of Labor Day. She definitely isn’t going to let Victoria get away with further disgracing her father.

Who is going to tell Charlotte the truth? Or, will it be something that just hangs out there for a while? How is the Grayson divorce going to progress? What do you want to see happen?

Odds and Ends

  • Daniel asking Emily to marry him was one of the only honest moments we’ve seen. Very touching. Unfortunately, the storm was only beginning. “No one has made me feel as loved and safe as you do.”
  • Emily told Amanda the truth about David and given the circumstances convinced her to leave.
  • Victoria’s lawyer was actually working for Emily. Good thing he was able to take care of the DNA test. But, now that he’s been fired, how will Emily get inside information?
  • Ashley overheard Victoria and Conrad fighting. How much does she know? Will she use this to try to improve her situation?
  • “You have no idea how badly I’ve always wanted a sister.” — Charlotte (Wow!)
  • Victoria’s lie to Daniel ended up costing her big time. Her thug hurt Jack. That situation helped Nolan convince Emily to pull back on her revenge plans. But, Victoria’s lie about David made Emily more determined than ever to bring her down. “How’s June for the wedding?” — Emily to Daniel
  • Who is going to find the interview tape missed by the thug and under Jack’s bed?

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3 Responses to “Revenge – Daniel and Emily are engaged”

January 19, 2012 at 7:01 AM

I still don’t see Emily as being in love with either man. Jack was her sole emotional vulnerability at the start of the show due to their shared childhood connection, and she did seem to like him as an adult. Daniel started off solely as a means to an end, and she may respect him now for being a better person than either of his parents, but I don’t think she’s so soft as to fall in love with him this quickly. She’s far too damaged for that (hell, Nolan knows everything about her and her father, and she can barely be his friend most weeks).

This show moves so fast that I expect Charlotte to find out the truth about her parentage before the season finale. Hopefully Amanda will be back by then so we can see Charlotte attempt to establish some sort of bond with her half-sister (especially since her mother can’t stand the girl).

January 21, 2012 at 10:05 AM

at one point the murder from the pilot was to be resolved in the first half of the season (plotted in case the show didn’t make it past the initial order) with the second half of the season dealing with a different storyline. Have these plans been adjusted now that the show is enough of a hit to get a full season and most likely be renewed?

January 21, 2012 at 12:13 PM

They did move back the “Labor Day” engagement party episode when they got a full season pickup. That is now in episode 15. They just started shooting it a few days ago.

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