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Trailer for Sorkin’s Newsroom indicates changes from the script

HBO has released a trailer for the first episode of 'Newsroom.' It looks interesting enough, but considerably different from the pilot script I read last year.

I can’t believe it is has been more than a year since I read the script for Aaron Sorkin‘s new show The Newsroom and theorized on the casting of the show. Obviously, I couldn’t have been further from right on any of these casting choices, but my ego will be just fine. I didn’t really understand the choice of Jeff Daniels, but the idea has grown on me in the meantime.

What does worry me, though, is how different this show looks from the pilot script I had read. From the description on YouTube, it looks like the trailer is specifically for the first episode. If that is the case, then “Changed Man” will be vastly different than originally conceived. The script I read was like the pilot episode of Studio 60 — considerably so, in fact. The college talk featured in the trailer happened off-page, prior to the events of the episode. In the trailer, it sets the tone for a very contentious relationship between Will McAvoy and … well, everyone. The original script ended with a sense of hope, an emotion I did not get from the trailer.

We’ve embedded the trailer below; take a look and tell me what you think.

Photo Credit: HBO

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