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Supernatural – Metatron is not a Transformer

A lot of groundwork was laid tonight for next week's season seven 'Supernatural' finale. Was it enough to get you excited?

- Season 3, Episode 21 - "Reading is Fundamental"

“This is the handwriting of Metatron.” – Castiel
“Metatron? You’re saying a Transformer wrote that?” – Sam
“No, that’s Megatron.” – Dean
‘What?” – Sam
“The Transformer. It’s Megatron.” – Dean

Well, I got my wish — Castiel was back tonight. Anyone else feeling oddly dissatisfied? It wasn’t a bad episode, but for a season that’s supposed to be “retro,” I’m really missing the good ol’ days. I’ll admit, some of the banter between the boys and Castiel put a smile on my face, and I really wish that I was there to pull Castiel’s finger, but I’m going to need Castiel to be in his right mind next week. Like I said in my recent post about Castiel, he doesn’t need to have supernatural powers, but he does need to be Cas. What do you think — how can the writers write a satisfying Castiel for the fans?

What’s Meg’s end game? I hardly think that she’s reformed, though stranger things have happened (see Mrs. Padelecki’s Ruby) on Supernatural. She bragged to the demons about having Castiel, something that Crowley wants — a bargaining chip, if you will. I’m wondering if Meg somehow has her sights set on Crowley’s esteemed position as the King of Demons for herself. If so, she could definitely screw up Sam and Dean’s plans.

I get that a lot can happen in a finale, and I also remember that it’s not unheard of for Supernatural to end a season with a cliffhanger, especially when a renewal is a done deal. Running all the scenarios through my head, I can’t imagine how next week’s finale is going to move me. I don’t care a whit about Dick’s character, whereas Lucifer had some real appeal and depth. Dick’s so wooden he’s not even really hateable. I’m just not invested in the outcome, because I know that Sam and Dean won’t die, I’ve lived almost a whole season without Castiel and if I have to, I’ll do it again, and they’ve already taken Bobby from me once. I’ve done my mourning — so what’s left? What’s going to make me care about the finale … it’s not Soylent Us, as Dean would say.

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7 Responses to “Supernatural – Metatron is not a Transformer”

May 5, 2012 at 2:31 AM

Next week is not the season finale. Check your facts please.

May 5, 2012 at 8:52 AM

Well crap. As of last night when I wrote this post, next week’s episode was the last one listed on As episode 22, it seemed as though it would be the finale. Of course, they have updated as of this morning and there will be an episode 23 … sorry about that.

May 6, 2012 at 2:41 AM

She’s not to blame, all but one season has had 22 eps. It’s weird, actually, if you ask me.

May 5, 2012 at 1:04 PM

I really don’t think u even know what ur talking about

May 6, 2012 at 5:23 AM

Wow could people be ruder? So you made a mistake about the finale date, big deal. Every other season has had 22 eps so I can see why.

I was surprisingly ok with Cas’s crazy turn, but I do hope he gets his right mind back eventually, although oddly he seemed a lot happier as a crazy angel than a sane one.

I have to admit I’m kind of tired of Meg. This is one character that I wish we could say goodbye to permanently. Both episodes she’s been in this season, it just kind of felt like she was shoehorned in there for no real particular purpose. She didn’t do anything in this episode that either Sam or Dean couldn’t have done, besides flirting with Castiel, which ick. It probably doesn’t help that I’m not a particular fan of Rachel Miner’s acting style. Something about how she says her lines is off putting or something. I doubt Meg’s reformed (if you recall neither was Ruby, she was actually tricking Sam into eventually raising Lucifer the entire time). My guess is that she’s definitely angling for Crowley’s job. In fact I could’ve sworn that she explicitly said that at one point, maybe last season. If she does become the ruler of hell, my guess is that the first thing she’d try to do is raise Lucifer again, so yeah that’d be definitely bad for the boys. She definitely has her own agenda which is why it really confuses me that Dean thinks it’s ok to work with her and yet he was furious at Cas for working with Crowley.

On the whole though I really liked this episode. It was great to see Cas back again, and the scene with he and Dean playing Sorry was kind of amazing. I get the weird feeling that everything Cas said in that scene actually meant something, but Dean just couldn’t decipher it through the lens of crazy Cas. I also loved the scene with Cas and Sam; I loved that Sam has forgiven Cas and made it clear that at least in Sam, Cas still has a friend. I also liked the Kevin Tran character, I hope the leviathan doesn’t kill him. Anais, the angel who seemed happy to see Castiel was interesting too.

May 6, 2012 at 9:25 AM

Yes, really rude! ;-)

I agree about Meg and not caring for that actress. I liked the old Meg much better … though I liked the old Ruby much better too, so maybe I just don’t accept change very well! ;-)

I think Sam was quicker to forgive Cas b/c of what he did for Sam too.

May 6, 2012 at 4:44 PM

Oh yeah I definitely liked Nicki Aycox’s Meg better. It’d make no sense plotwise, but if she ever came back to play Meg, I could probably like the character again. For Ruby I liked both actresses. Katie Cassidy was snarkier, but Genevieve (aka Mrs. Padalecki) was more devious.

I agree about Sam forgiving Cas partly because of what Cas did for him, but I also think that’s just Sam. He’s always seemed like a more forgiving guy than Dean. I think he also kind of relates to Cas since they both went off the deep end, but they both had good intentions at least starting out.

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