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Join us for our 'Person of Interest' Liveblog/chat during its first season finale, this Thursday night.

POI - Reese rescues Carter's son

Do you love Person of Interest? Does the ongoing mystery of the machine entice you? How about the continuing entanglements of Reese and Finch, Reese and Carter, Reese and Fusco?

We’ve had a pretty lively discussion group these past couple weeks about the plot developments surrounding “CaReese,” Fusco and HR, Finch and Nathan, Snow, Cara, and the FBI.

If you’re interested in chatting about the show while it plays LIVE 9:00 PM – 10:00 PM EST, then bookmark this URL and return to this page on Thursday, May 17.

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11 Responses to “Person of Interest Season Finale – LiveClack”

May 16, 2012 at 1:56 PM

Hey Ann, that would be Great, thanks.

May 17, 2012 at 10:03 PM

Keep discussing in the comments! What’d you all think?!

May 18, 2012 at 12:19 AM

Wow, I did not know why but I kept getting a bad vibe from the therapist…from the time she opened her mouth. When she was making observation of Reese, I was like that’s too easy. Plus, she was almost killed and a strange client approached her in a dark alley and she was way too calm. Anyways, Carter should quit the hero cave and start working for the FBI…where she can get some respect!!! Zoe, be flirting with Reese hard and he is just not biting. She stated I do not think its a woman alive who can fix you…wow! I love it! I do not think he likes her, but I like her alot. Who was feeding information to HR? I still think it was Fusco; I mean why was his HR cop friend face wasn’t in the phone. I think the writers are making an effort to keep Carter from Reese. He always tell her to trust him…and I am like DON’T! Please, Carter, please break character; she has soo much control over Reese so start using it is what I hope for the next season. All of that hanging up on her, making her do desk work, and other substandard stuff…just isn’t cutting it. She is not a push-over. Fusco didn’t disappoint.

May 18, 2012 at 2:43 AM

WOW, Awesome finale, I was on the edge of my seat the whole way through, I could not even breath properly, loved it, and I love Zoe too, I am still very excited need to watch it again, this finale was MIND-BLOWING…

May 18, 2012 at 3:01 AM

Okay, I completely didn’t see that coming. I mean with the therapist. So she wasn’t really a guest star…she’s the one we thought Stanton was all along. Man…

And what about Stanton? I think its strange that they didnt do anything with that storyline in the last few episodes.
Like I said they have a lot of balls in the air. They should have shown something with Stanton/Snow even if its a very short scene.

Now we see that Zoe will be a resource that Finch at least plans to access whenever needed. Love how she keeps trying to get to Reese and he just looks at her like she’s talking Greek.

I wasn’t sure how HR was getting updates on the FBI. Now I think Simmons was somehow tapped into the FBI center and listening and relaying onto HR.

I didn’t like that Carter found out about Fusco like that. I think it will be a problem and question whether she’s been used. Rightly so. Root was right about something… Reese is paranoid and so is Finch. The writers drop facts about the characters like bread crumbs in different episodes. You gotta pick them up and put the pieces together to figure out the character.

Liked Fusco and Carter coming to the rescue together.

Based on this episode it seems they were using Corwin as a beard when really she was some crazy lady. Her paranoia and apparently feelings for Nathan were driving her crazy. They wanted us to focus on her. They gave her all those scenes and really she was some crazy paranoid lady that lost someone that she liked that probably didn’t know her feelings. To me…I think the person on the phone at the end is Nathan. And Corwin’s ramblings in Finch’s car makes it more not less likely that he’s alive.

Danger alert: Simmons is still out there. He knows Fusco is a double agent because he saw him shooting at HR hit team.

May 18, 2012 at 3:23 AM

Hi pseudo, i totally agree with you. i’m pissed off about the writers and the way they treat Carter. She needs to be more respected. I think that Reese in this episode wasn’t fair with her. What the hell, it’s seems like the all 10 eps before this episode, never happen in terms of their relationship. Who wrote this ep??? She trust him a lot and he trust her and We saw that in previous episodes. So, this issues thing of being 6 months after him it’s bullshit. isn’t true. She needs to stand up because you are right she his the one who have the ability to control him in a emotional way that zoe can’t, she is miles a way to understand reese. I think the writers show us tonight that he isn’t on zoe mode and probably never will be but at same time they are trying to force something that didn’t result last night. Even they trying to keep carter from reese, they have already after 23 episodes a much more deep conection in all levels that him and zoe. I think we even can’t compare thier relationship because they are very distintive. Even him yesterday treated her without respect, he probably don’t mind that. I believe he meant when he said he was protecting her. I really hope that Carter on season 2 kick his ass so badly, he kind of need that.

May 18, 2012 at 3:40 AM

Harper I didn’t like also the way Carter find out about fusco…So, I hope She will finally question if she’s being used or not. The eternal asset question? Maybe! I think in many ways we all did a weird face to the tv screen when we watched that scene like “WHAT???”

I really didn’t like that Alicia has died. I liked her a lot. Why?? She was an excellent character and I was hoping that on season 2 she could help reese and finch fighting CIA guys and who comes to destroy the Machine team. Right, there are a new team on the block named Reese/Machine.

May 18, 2012 at 12:44 PM

Lua_75, you are obviously upset and with good reason. I was hoping more of a starting position for Carter too; I like the humanity she brings to the show. That doesn’t means she has to be with Reese. I like Zoe, but Reese doesn’t seems to be into her…so I will not worry about it if you were hoping for a Careese moment. Zoe is very forward and when Reese called her name he said “Zoe” with tight lips like he had to force it out and the things she said to him was true…but did not even penetrate, so she will have to try harder. I mean Zoe is too strong for Reese, but romance has been known to soften up a woman. I’m just saying…I’m glad Fusco and Carter is going to be having some dialogue…its going to be crazy.

May 18, 2012 at 3:26 PM

Great finale on POI. Looks like Carter was mad for only five minutes when she found out that Fusco was also working with Finch and Reese. Love the rescue of Reese by Carter and Fusco–that was a great action scene. Seems like the writers are putting a distance between CaReese or are they? The trust Reese displayed with Carter’s texts in helping him avoid capture spoke volumes. Zoe definitely has a huge crush on Reese, but Reese didn’t show any interest– for now. Zoe kept telling finch to be careful because he needs to protect their mutual friend–was she talking about the machine or Reese. Sad to see Alicia eliminated I loved her character. Can’t wait to see how Reese takes down “Root.”

Is Zoe the new love interest for Reese? Or are they throwing us a curve ball for now. Noticed that Reese offered to buy Fusco and Carter a drink and quickly glanced at Carter before exiting the car. Reese came off a bit cocky in the end. Can’t wait for next season.

May 18, 2012 at 5:09 PM

Taber, Yeah he was cocky. He was sexy enough to hate on the finale too. I guess I like assholes, because I wanted dialogue between him and I. It did look like it when Reese was stepping out of the car, he was giving Carter “I will make it up to you look.” But I’m a type of person that if you do not mess up, then you do not have anything to make up. I want Zoe and Carter to meet; I think that would put a period on the Careese thingy. If Zoe sees anything between them, she will confront them. Another thing, Reese doesn’t like to be cornered, so he had to be cocky to get out of the awkward situation. If he really wanted to hurt Carter, he would have brought up she almost got him killed. He didn’t and he went the safe route and only bringing up what Fusco knew about their interactions. Anyway, I watched the show again and Carter cares for Reese a lot and he has to let someone know about the machine because he will need help getting Finch back. Who will it be?

May 18, 2012 at 4:40 PM

Yeah, it was like they hired someone to write this epi that didnt know the show and just wrote some stuff they thought would be cool but didnt worry about connecting to past episodes.

I like Zoe as an asset but nothing more. She keeps hitting on Reese and getting no where. Wonder if she’ll get the message S2 but have a feeling she isnt the type to take no easily.

Why did they waste our time showing so many scenes of Corwin? They could have focused on other characters, storylines, etc. I was pissed about that. I had no love for Corwin but hell if you’re gonna just kill her like that then dont waste my time. Limit her scene time.

If they try to go from Carter and Reese to forcing Reese and Zoe they are going to see a down turn in viewers. You can’t force what’s not there. There’s no chemistry and Zoe constantly trying to force the issue only makes it worse.

Now I want them to release the DVD set so I can watch the earlier epi. Probbably not the last few epi so much.

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