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NBC’s Revolution kills it. Are you ready for a revolution? I am.

NBC’s ‘Revolution’ was a joy to watch. The action sequences were awesome, the production quality cinematic and the acting amazing. Every single character, especially Billy Burke, rocked the party and brought down the house.

Should NBC’s new comedy Go On, go on? I say no.

Although NBC’s newest comedy pilot, ‘Go On,’ had small bright spots, it wasn’t as funny as ‘Mr. Sunshine’ and felt forced in parts.

Bad single mom pilots: NBC’s The New Normal and FOX’s Ben & Kate

What do ‘The New Normal’ and ‘Ben & Kate’ have in common? They both feature, blonde, waif-like, single teenage mother leads with too-smart-for-their-age daughters who form saccharine sweet non-traditional families. What else do they feature? Uneven messes as plot lines.

CBS’s Elementary: it’s Elementary, but it’s not Sherlock Holmes

I wanted to like CBS’ “Elementary,” really I did. But, it’s pure and utter tripe. It has the framework of the Sherlock Holmes novels, but the acting and speedball pacing of a high-energy sugar addict. “Elementary”’s lead might be called Sherlock, but he is no Sherlock Holmes.

Show Me Yours: The Canadian Sex and the City

‘Show Me Yours’ (2004-2005) is the Canadian ‘Sex and the City.’ It talks about sex realistically while portraying incredibly hot sex. Like ‘SATC,’ it isn’t the sex that makes the show fun, but the underlying relationships.

How should Sex and the City have ended? – SATC Week

As ‘Sex and the City’ week comes to a close here at CliqueClack, we ask one final question: how should ‘Sex and the City’ have ended? Should Carrie have walked off with Big, Aidan, or … HERSELF?

Sex and the City’s Big: The Big letdown – SATC Week

Is “Sex and the City”‘s Big a big letdown? Is he the ideal romantic hero with a suave demeanor or is he an emotionally abusive douche who outlived his character shelf life?

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