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Who got shot on Weeds … and by whom?

With ‘Weeds’ there has always been a question of, “Where is this going?” Well, following the season premiere of season eight things are no different … with the original title sequence back you’ve got to wonder if this is all leading back to home.

- Season 8, Episode 1 - "Messy"

When Weeds called it a season last year, there was a good chance that the show was done, never to return. If that had been what’d happened, what’s the likelihood that anyone would have been satisfied with where things were left? A sniper stares down the barrel of a rifle scope at Nancy, the screen goes black, and then the boom of a shot fires. What kind of closure would that have been?

Well, it’s not for that reason alone that we are fortunate to have the Showtime hit back in our lives. The better reason is yet another season of Andy, Silas, and Doug for our viewing pleasure. Even with them thrown into a slightly more somber situation from the outset it’s always great to hang out with them. I’m serious about that spinoff idea I’ve floated in the past.

It was not at all surprising to discover that it was Nancy who got shot. The scope was focused on her, but also, who else at that table has stirred up enough emotion in anyone else to elicit that kind of response? Granted Shane could be on some Mexican retaliation list, but I don’t think Andy, for instance, would be the target of a jilted ex-girlfriend.

Everyone had their own conspiracy theory about who the shooter was … I don’t think anyone saw DEA Agent Peter Scottson’s son, Tim (Daryl Sabara), as the doer. I know I didn’t. And I also know that that’s some weak story telling. I’m willing to wait and see where it goes, but you’re trying to tell me that that mess of a mop of hair lay in wait for years before attempting to kill the woman who caused his father’s death? No way. That kid didn’t have it in him.

How excited were you to witness the famous “Little Boxes” returned to its rightful place in the title sequence? I was overjoyed. And talk about title sequences — I loved the mapping out of the entire plot to date in pictures. That was great.

Some other fun moments:

  • The Ardmores climbing up on their ladder and peering over the fence. I loved their story about how the kids who used to live next door would climb up and pee over the fence. I’m sorry, but that is hilarious
  • Doug getting banned from the hospital for stealing from Nancy’s roommate’s baskets — something he did not do — right after he copped cheap feels of and looks at Nancy’s breasts. Stay classy, Doug
  • Andy unintentionally spilling his guts to the Chaplain, who he’d originally thought was trying to pick him up. I loved how the Rabbi didn’t miss a beat, responding that “It might have made sense if I was a Priest.” Zing!

Great to have you back Botwin family!

“We are a private hospital, and blah blah, how will you be paying?” – Hospital Administrator to the family

“I’m hoping they’ll let me use a croquet mallet instead of a Billy club.” – Shane to Silas, after telling his brother that he’s in the Police Academy

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