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Weeds – Found him

And on this very special version of "Little Boxes": Steve Martin and Kevin Nealon! While Steve Martin played the banjo, Kevin Nealon, AKA Doug Wilson, screamed the lyrics. Awesome!

- Season 8, Episode 3 - "See Blue and Smell Cheese and Die"

It was sad — and also somewhat vindicating — to see where life has led old Tim Scottson. Living in a hole with his disturbed girlfriend and a stack of shoe boxes with twelve dead rabbits named Peter encased within. That’s one crazy dude.

And yet remorse didn’t seem to even enter the equation for him, at least not when Nancy was around. Sure he seemed repentant when paying a visit to Nancy in the hospital, but when face-to-face with her his anger was palpable.

Look, I get it. The kid was plenty messed up by his parents divorce, only to be further discombobulated by the premature and gruesome death of his father, an event that could be directly traced back to his new bride, Nancy Botwin.

That’s fine. But, with all the other potential places that particular story could have gone, did it make sense to bring it back to some punk kid who never could have set that assassination attempt up, let alone gotten a job making sandwiches (I loved the manager who was riding him!)? Not to me. I didn’t have Guillermo, like so many others … but that would have made for a much better story … and it would have made a lot more sense … and it would have been a lot more believable. No question about it.

Andy bonding with the psycho twins actually reminds me of how much of a father figure he really is/was to Shane and Silas. That’s who he should be spending his time with, not a couple of punks who want their dad back while he’s gone, and will probably get over him just as soon as he’s permanently back in their lives. Andy was a great surrogate father for the Botwin boys; whether he and Nancy should get together is a different story, but it’s Stevie — and the other boys — who should be getting Andy’s attention now.

It looks like Doug’s destiny is to be more than just a crooked local politician and CPA. Doug seems destined for the big time: full-scale fraud, courtesy of the Douglas Wilson Foundation. As hypocritical as it sounds, I can accept Doug ripping off investors in his hedge fund, but not donors to his foundation. Now that’s just wrong.

On the other hand, take a situation like George Costanza and the Human Fund, “Money For People.” There the only losers were the poor saps hoping to score a Christmas present from George. That was, of course, until Kruger wanted to make a sizable donation to the foundation. I would hope even George wouldn’t have been able to ultimately go through with that (although who knows).

Doug seems out not so much to wish seasons greetings to friends and loved ones as to get rich. While Doug could never get back in the investment game, why not go the private wealth management route? Manage portfolios for high net worth individuals and family trusts, falsify their account statements, and buy yachts and jets on the side.

But strumming on people’s heartstrings to fleece them? I expect better from old Dougie Wilson.

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