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Louie – Time for a hilarious guest star/girlfriend!

'Louie' decides to listen to his kids and start dating for reals. For reals.

- Season 3, Episode 4 - "Daddy's Girlfriend (Part 1)"

Skazamo! That was quite a humorous episode of Louie, wasn’t it? I laughed literally out loud several times. That little red herring about prejudice almost got me, and then I realized that the entire episode was about it. Pre-judging people, in point of fact, is tightly connected to the dating game. Each woman Louis considered or fantasized about over the course of his latest adventures was pre-judged in some way or another. Naturally the other big theme was “who will be good with my kids?” We kept coming back to that. And the now required Obama reference, of course. If he can get Scarlett Johansson to actually show up, I’ll be excited.

Nice to see an extended cameo from Maria Bamford, a talented comedian herself, playing a not at all flattering role (good pull, Louis). And that hilarious fake reality show was utterly fantastic — and when the one girl got stabbed, I was laughing in utter shock. That’s satire. The musical theme of “Louis is attracted to someone” got funnier each time it was used, especially how they would cut at the most awkward moments (wedding ring got the biggest laugh from me). Black and white fantasies, starting with pre-judging on appearances, then moving on to pre-judging as a mother figure, than back to appearances, then kids again. The circle of life.

It was also great to see the slow, awkward courtship of Louis and Parker Posey (with no character name to speak of). Next week’s episode is called “Part 2”, so I suppose we’ll be seeing more of her. That’s great, she’s awesome. And I wonder if we’ll see his ex-wife’s (wonder if she’s still black) new boyfriend, the “funny guy” — that’s gotta sting a bit. But man, that final sequence of Louis taking several painful minutes to ask Parker Posey out was just perfect.

And to be honest, pretty darn accurate.

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