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Suits flashes back five years

'Suits' showed us how events five years ago directly influenced the current situation at Pearson Hardman. Will Jessica remain managing partner?

- Season 2, Episode 8 - "Rewind"

Flashback episodes are very hit or miss. More often than not, they are a humongous miss, fortunately with “Rewind,” the Suits writers got it right. The episode was not thrown in simply to do flashbacks. While there was little new ground covered, the happenings five years ago were definitely pertinent to the present day power struggle.

Since Daniel’s return, Jessica has been weary of his changed man claims. Even though we knew that Daniel had embezzled money from the firm and lied about why he did it, seeing it play out was  enlightening. Jessica looked up to Daniel and credited him with her rise to a named partner of a top law firm. Her relationship with him seemed as close as Harvey’s is with her.

Daniel’s betrayal of the firm and of Jessica was not something that she was going to easily forget or forgive. Harvey’s blackmail of Daniel was well executed. Whether or not Daniel’s wife was at the hotel or not didn’t really matter. There was no way that Daniel could risk his sick wife finding out about his affair. It would not only have crushed her, it would have destroyed his family. That move worked once, so now we know why Harvey was so sure that his threat to reveal all to Daniel’s daughter would have prevented him from returning this time. Only Daniel outplayed Harvey by telling her first.

The manipulations at the firm are one of the highlights of the show. I didn’t see the biggest of them coming at all — Harvey’s play with Mike and Monica. I fell for it. When I saw Louis at the restaurant, I thought, “Oh, crap.” But, on my second watch it was all foreshadowed when Louis told Harvey in the flashback that he would eat there every week for the rest of his life. Smart play, Harvey.

Of course, Louis would report it to Daniel and try to get some bonus points for outing Jessica and Harvey’s plan. Jessica’s ignorance with Daniel sold not only him, but me as well. Wow. I certainly got played! On my first watch, I didn’t even question when Jessica reprimanded Mike in the hallway. Again, on the second watch, it was so obvious what she was doing. I may get too sucked into Suits. 

When Jessica and Harvey revealed they actually put the whole plan together, I had to watch to it twice to make sure I heard what  I thought I did. Brilliant play, indeed. But, that was outdone by the last line of the episode, when Harvey said, “One more thing, I’m getting Donna back.” Woo hoo! Harvey needs Donna.

Will Harvey and Jessica’s plan to beat Daniel work? Will they tell Louis that Daniel set him up as the fall guy for his embezzling? Why haven’t they told him already? That would certainly have turned him against Daniel?

Flashback highlights:

  • Never liked Mike and Jenny, but they did have chemistry back in the past. Did you notice he mouthed, “I love you.” just like he did when he met Rachel? Not sure how I feel about that. Mike and Rachel forever!
  • Mike is such a noble criminal. He started taking the LSATs for people to make money to help his grammy out. Touching.
  • Louis. Oh, Louis. Sleeping on Jessica’s couch? Stealing Harvey’s liquor? Taking all the raspberry bran bars? And, barefoot in the library? Not even close to embezzling though.
  • Hilarious! “Mark my words, if I’m ever in charge of anyone. I’m gonna be the most beloved leader that those lucky bastards have ever seen.” — Louis
  • Donna — her eavesdropping is definitely a positive thing. Would Harvey even be a Senior Partner if she didn’t? He owes her much.
  • Harvey’s reaction to his father’s death was heartbreaking. Gabriel Macht was brilliant in that scene. And, then again at the grave site.
  • Can opener mystery gets even more … odd. Thumb tacks? Hmm … let the speculation begin.
There were so many great moments in the flashbacks. What were your favorites?


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2 Responses to “Suits flashes back five years”

August 10, 2012 at 3:22 PM

Once again, “Suits” rewards it’s viewers with topnotch writing and acting. Sure we’ve been told about Hardman’s fall. But seeing it played out, along with other character moments, adds to the richness of who these people are.
Sophomore year for most shows can be a let down (LOST, HEROES…) but “Suits” continues to surprise. Best dressed cast on TV.

August 12, 2012 at 8:14 PM

Donna is why I watch this show. I can’t get enough of her on screen. The flashback featured a lot of Donna and the present-day portion concluded with Harvey promising to Jessica that he is getting Donna back. Yay. I’ll keep watching. Oh, and the kid really needs to quit smoking pot and Louis deserves a second chance. He could be a solid part of the team, if welcomed.

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