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Hell’s Kitchen – An insult to Italy!

The 'Hell's Kitchen' final four are chosen, Gordon is angsty, and you male viewers get some eye candy.

- Season 10, Episode 17 - "5 Chefs Compete"

How many times is too many times to get called down on the carpet in front of My Gordon Ramsay on Hell’s Kitchen? The answer seems to be seven, as we finally saw the back of Clemenza’s gigantic front lumber his way out of the finals.

I have to say I’m relieved. I was beyond grossed out watching Clemenza drip sweat so dangerously near his creations. His disorganization and sloppiness jangled my nerves. I admit to twirling around my own kitchen in a tizzy at times, but I’m not a supposed chef. He is.

And he stayed way way too long.

Couldn’t you tell from the editing tonight very early on that he was going to get sacked? Me too. The producers are going to have to come up with another way to surprise me by eliminations. ‘Cause I ain’t taken off guard too much anymore. The M.O. of the contestant who brags and crows the most during the episode being the one who ultimately bites it, is overly obvious and insulting my intelligence at this point.

Clemenza’s comments during the challenge with the former Miss Teen U.S.A. winners (a bonus for you men out there whose wives make you watch) challenging Gordon’s knowledge of Italian cooking were the first glaring warning. Anyone on this show who has ever said that they know more than Chef Ramsay has been seared like a piece of raw meat.

What makes the contestants ┬ásay such stupid crap anyway? Have they no brains? I’m not kidding when I say that some of these people are so delusional during the course of this competition that it makes me crazy.

My advice to the final four would be? Remember to not say or think you’re better than a chef of My Gordon’s caliber. Also? Don’t get up in someone’s face and try to start a throwdown. (That just may not be exhibiting head chef material.) Act like you’re worth 250 thousand dollars. Focus, lead, learn, listen and communicate.

As far as whose going next, I don’t think it’s rocket surgery to expect it to be Barbie. I know she’s going to cause some drama on her way out though. It’s how she rolls.

Justin sailed through tonight, and my pick Christina was getting a bit frazzled. She’ll get it together for the final two though. Somehow, I have nothing to say about Dana. She turns me off with her YELLING everything during her time with the camera one on one. It’s a tad juvenile and annoying.

I know you’ve already picked your particular pony. Care to share why in the comments below?

Don’t be shy!

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2 Responses to “Hell’s Kitchen – An insult to Italy!”

August 21, 2012 at 10:20 AM

I believe I was on Christina even before you, but now it seems like a tougher call. Justin or Dana could also win. If there is a double elimination in the next episode, it’s hard for me to pick the final two at this point – except to say that Barbie won’t be in it.

August 21, 2012 at 12:37 PM

Good-Bye Clemenza and take your attitude and your unorganzation with you … quite frankly, I wouldn’t choose any one of those ‘so-called chefs’….they are a disgrace to the profession …as much as I love and admire Chef Ramsey, I can’t imagine why he is putting up with any one of them … from their potty mouths — appearance — to their obvious lack of skill … I live in Las Vegas and if one of those blobs make it there — I won’t … I love the show … but really … get a better cast … where do they find these people

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