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Necessary Roughness – Who’s bugging the team?

Things get serious on 'Necessary Roughness' this week when Nico discovers the entire team's been wire tapped -- including Dani's office. She does not take it well. Also, TK really needs an intervention, and Hank does not take that news well. Nor will TK, I suspect.

- Season 2, Episode 10 - "Double Fault"

Things are getting pretty serious on Necessary Roughness : TK’s addiction is growing ever worse, and the entire team’s been  bugged by Pittman. Oh, that crazy Pittman — I hope this means he’ll be back soon! But in the meantime, Dani has to deal with the mess all of this creates, trying to convince the team to stage an intervention for TK while freaking out that her connection to the team has compromised her and her patients. I wonder if we are about to reach a crossroads where Dani leaves — or at least threatens to leave — her job. I don’t blame her for being so shaken by this. But I suspect that her money problems, in the form of Ray J’s looming college bills, will ultimately keep her there, though.

She also has her love life to deal with, as her thing with Matt seems to be in limbo, and she had a moment with Nico towards the end of tonight’s episode. I am pretty sure Nico has a thing for her and is fully aware of it, even if he’d never admit it. Sometimes you just need a moment like the two of them shared to realize you may have a thing for someone, too, so maybe Dani will start to think of him in That Way now. Most of my readers seem sad that the Dani/Matt thing doesn’t seem like it will work out, and I agree, but I am willing to see where this goes. Especially since I once saw Scott Cohen in person in a pharmacy, and he looks GOOD in real life. But I digress.

Meanwhile, I think Dani is right about TK, and I am glad Matt came around on him needing an intervention. I actually kind of liked Hank until the point that he was willing to throw TK’s health under the bus for the good of the team. Usually, I am all for the greater good, but football is just a game, right? Anyway, I suspect that TK will go to rehab kicking and screaming, if he goes at all. Mehcad Brooks is doing a great job playing this darker stuff, so I am looking forward to seeing where it goes.

I really appreciate how serialized this show allows itself to be compared to other USA shows, which often keep the serialization to the beginning and end of episodes (I’m looking at you, Burn Notice ). The Case of the Week seems incidental much of the time, and increasingly so this season. Although I was intrigued by this one because I can’t imagine anyone wanting to cheat on Captain Awesome … and anyway the case didn’t detract from the rest of the episode. It had a more serious tone than some cases do, which fit the seriousness of the Hawks-related stuff. As this season goes on, I wonder if perhaps the network is loosening up with its formula a bit? Readers, have you noticed this too? For my part, I think it deepens the show and makes it a bit better than the standard summer fare.

Notes and Quotes:

  • On the homefront, Jeanette gets stuck with a dumb comedy relief plot line before being shipped back to Madrid. Too bad — I was enjoying Dani having an adult woman to talk to. Also, Ray J looks like he’s about to get into his standard amount of trouble. The less said, the better.
  • I enjoyed the English, rugby-playing director’s exchange with TK. He’s right — rugby makes everything else look like a pansy sport. I was once in a town that had a rugby tournament going on, and those guys were BEAT UP. And since I was just in Great Britain, I enjoy jokes about the Jubilee.
  • TK: “Why don’t you take your ass back [to England] and enjoy the Queen’s Jubilee?”
    Director: “Why don’t you come with me, princess? Although at Customs they might make you piss in a cup.”
  • TK, when Dani asks too many questions: “What are you, the Doc with the Dragon Tattoo?”
  • Ray’s friend, on seeing the mommy class: “Pregnant chicks making out with babies — that’s like the best celibacy commercial I’ve ever seen!”
  • One of TK’s fake Sporty Boost lines: “Sporty Boost — Put it in Your Mouth.”
  • Dani, after realizing she’s been tapped: “If anybody’s listening, I would just like to say: suck it!”


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One Response to “Necessary Roughness – Who’s bugging the team?”

August 24, 2012 at 3:04 PM

I am glad they are finally considering Nico as a love interest for Dani, actually have wanted this all along. Great article.

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