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Bio: Christina is a grad student in English and college writing professor living in NYC. She studies Shakespeare and his contemporaries but is also a TV junkie who loves to write about pop culture.

Posts by Christina Furtado

Necessary Roughness summer finale puts TK in rehab

The ‘Necessary Roughness’ summer finale sends TK to rehab — but will he stay there? Add to that a couple of deaths and an increasing connection between Dani and Nico, and you’ve got a gripping episode.

Warehouse 13 – The return of Alice Liddell

Alice’s Liddell’s return on ‘Warehouse 13′ gives Artie more reason to isolate himself from his loved ones — but is that playing into the Brotherhood’s hands? Also, Steve finally comes clean with Claudia.

True Blood has a new big bad

The very bloody ‘True Blood’ season finale kills off one baddie — for good — while bringing a brand new one to light. Will this latest development make viewers excited for Season Six?

Burn Notice’s summer finale serves up more betrayal

The ‘Burn Notice’ summer finale provides us with yet another ‘new’ bad guy, just as Michael and company think they’ve gotten Nate’s killer. Surprise! But haven’t we seen this all before?

Necessary Roughness – Who’s bugging the team?

Things get serious on ‘Necessary Roughness’ this week when Nico discovers the entire team’s been wire tapped — including Dani’s office. She does not take it well. Also, TK really needs an intervention, and Hank does not take that news well. Nor will TK, I suspect.

Warehouse 13 – Myka takes a pregnant pause

An artifact makes Myka seem pregnant on this episode of ‘Warehouse 13,’ pretty much putting the damper on a potential hockey player love interest. Also, Artie is on the trail of missing artifacts, and Claudia learns more about her destiny with the Warehouse.

Burn Notice – Should Nate’s death have changed the formula?

‘Burn Notice’ follows up Nate’s death with a surprisingly normal episode. It’s great to see Michael and Fi back together, and the Sam and Jesse subplot was fun, but it’s pretty much business as usual.

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