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Bio: Christina is a grad student in English and college writing professor living in NYC. She studies Shakespeare and his contemporaries but is also a TV junkie who loves to write about pop culture.

Posts by Christina Furtado

Necessary Roughness – Dani and Matt try to act professional

Things get tough for Dani on ‘Necessary Roughness’ as she and Matt try to act professional after their breakup — but can they succeed? Also, it looks like TK, who is accused of sexual harassment, is on the brink of a major meltdown.

Warehouse 13 – Artifacts with nasty consequences

Artie and Claudia both have to deal with the consequences of using artifacts to save people on this week’s ‘Warehouse 13′. Everything seems fine for the moment, but it looks like disaster is coming — how long will it be before everything goes to hell? Meanwhile, Pete and Myka deal with a Cthulhu infestation. No, really!

True Blood – The war on mainstreaming begins

‘True Blood”s vampire Authority decides to turn on Tru Blood as they continue to destroy mainstreaming. Bill seems to be spearheading this operation, but has he really joined his cause? Also, Sookie decides to keep her powers and investigate her parents’ deaths, and Tara and Pam get more and more awesome.

Burn Notice ends with a shocking death

In a shocking turn of events, “Burn Notice” kills off a character we all know (but probably didn’t love) this week. Will Michael be able to forgive himself for letting someone close to him die?

Necessary Roughness – The end of the road

‘Necessary Roughness’ lives up to its title this week as the characters deal with personal drama. Matt and Dani consider their future and TK faces his shooter on the witness stand. But hey, the Case of the Week was cute and fun for once!

Modern Family’s cast sues for higher pay – are they justified?

The Emmy-nominated cast of ‘Modern Family’ has just decided to sue 20th Century Fox together for higher pay. Is their lawsuit justified? Or, are they asking for too much money?

Warehouse 13 – Can the gang save the Warehouse and the world?

It’s a race against the clock in the season premiere of ‘Warehouse 13′ as the gang tries to undo the destruction of the the Warehouse. Artie is willing to do anything to save the Warehouse and the world, but at what cost to himself and to his agents?

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