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Some women aren’t meant to be tamed – Sex and the City week

They are four of the most quotable characters on television ... the women of 'Sex and the City'! Here is a compilation of my favorite quotes from the series. Feel free to add your own.

Sex and the City is the show that I can quote the best. Along with Spaceballs and When Harry Met Sally, it’s what I quote the most. There’s a SATC quote for just about every situation. Whether you’re trying to sound excited, disappointed, wry, contrite, or just ridiculous, one of the ladies from Sex and the City will have you covered.

Below is a list of my favorite SATC quotes, in no particular order other than the order in which I thought of them. That’s right, I didn’t go scouring internet sites devoted to Carrie and Samantha quotes in order to create this … these are (mostly) from memory. (I did have to double-check the wording and the episode titles for some, but that’s it!) Let me know if I’ve forgotten your favorites. Now enjoy!

“Change ya NAME, change ya PHONE NUMBER, change ya JOB … they’re all bums!” — Woman being interviewed about breakup rules in New York (“Take Me Out To The Ballgame”)

“She went out with an overeater, and he overate her.” — Carrie, commenting on Miranda’s overly-zealous Weight Watchers date (“Cover Girl”)

“She’s expecting us. If we miss the orchid show she’ll be devastated.” — Trey, convincing Charlotte to visit his mother during the weekend Charlotte will be ovulating
“Then I guess we’re just going to have sex at your mother’s.” — Charlotte
“People having sex in Connecticut? There’s a first time for everything.” — Trey (“Sex and the Country”)

“No smoking in cab!” — Cab driver
“We’re talking up the butt here, a cigarette’s in order!” — Carrie (“Valley of the Twenty-Something Guys”)

“Oh. Hear that? It’s midnight. The official end of what will now be known as ‘the day I got arrested for smokin’ a doobie!’ Ha ha! I said ‘doobie!'” — Carrie, after her breakup with Berger and several hits of a joint (“The post-it always sticks twice”)

“I love my son, Andy. He’s eleven months old. He’s a god and I tell him so every day.” — Woman at baby shower
“Thirty years from now, what do you think the chances are that some woman’s going to be able to make Andy happy? I’m gonna go with zero.” — Miranda (“The Baby Shower”)

“I love you Richard … but I love me more.” — Samantha, breaking up with Richard in Las Vegas (after wearing her pearl thong up several flights of stairs) (“Luck Be An Old Lady”)

“Miranda … you’re the one!” — Steve, confessing his true feelings for Miranda at Brady’s first birthday party (“One”)

“Oh my god! He’s online! [ducks under desk] Can he see me?” — Carrie, reacting to seeing Aidan’s screen name pop up on Instant Messenger (“Baby, Talk is Cheap”)

“Maybe it was narrow-minded, but for Miranda, an open-door dump was definitely worth dumping someone over.” — Carrie (voiceover) (“Defining Moments”)

“I just faked a sonogram.” — Miranda, pretending to be thrilled upon finding out she’s having a boy (“Change of a Dress”)

“What if I am?” — Carrie, to Miranda, worrying about being pregnant
“If you am, you am.” — Miranda (“The Baby Shower”)

“Did I ever really love Big, or was I addicted to the pain — the exquisite pain– of wanting someone so unattainable?” — Carrie (voiceover) (“La Douleur Exquise!”)

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3 Responses to “Some women aren’t meant to be tamed – Sex and the City week”

August 29, 2012 at 12:12 PM

I can’t believe your memory..but as I read each one..I laughed cause I could then remember that scene.
I loved the end of the Big talking to the girls when he told them that they were the loves of Carrie’s life and a guy was just lucky to come in number 4..and then Miranda saying..”go get our girl” so so quietly and forcefully..loved it!!!

August 29, 2012 at 3:07 PM

Thanks, Toni!! And thanks also for reminding me about that “Go get our girl” quote. That was a great one.

August 29, 2012 at 12:12 PM

You included many of my favorites! :)

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