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Bio: While CliqueClack is my first foray into the blogosphere, it’s just one stop along my long journey in writing. With my first book of short stories bounded via copy machine when I was still a lad, my evolution along the trajectory of writing has far exceeded that of my drawing; that first book was fronted by a rather pedestrian hand drawing of “Leatherhead”, of TMNT fame, and my ability hasn’t grown beyond rudimentary since those days. But the baby’s cute!

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NCIS – Time to regroup

Many big questions remain, but here’s an interesting one: what was the timing of the explosion? Jimmy bumped up his wedding, so might he have already been back in Washington without anyone knowing it? Is it possible he’s not as safe as we assume he is?

What’s this show called … In Plain Sight?

Each week I review a show that’s new to me. Good idea, or punishment (mine or yours)? You be the judge. But either way, if I had to watch it, the least you can do is read what I have to say….

NCIS – Palmer gets hammered … on AJ

Tony and McGee gave Palmer plenty of interesting warnings regarding his bachelor party, but this was by far the best: McGee advising Palmer that he hopes he’s had his Hepatitis vaccinations. Sounds like a classy party!

The Middle – Sue’s growing up to be Whoopi Goldberg

I know the joke is that Brick’s a bookworm and he doesn’t do physical exertion, but why give him stories like Presidential Fitness Challenge Week? It was a terrible waste of his talent … Spelling Bees are much more up his alley, and more appropriate for his brand of comedy.

The Office – The Andy Bernard Paper Company

Not a bad cold open this time. Dwight drinking the protein powder straight was amazing, and I loved the thigh curl contest. The card — “Sleep Over Party, We Gossiped all Night” — was cute, but Gabe’s “Flex them all night at the discotheque” line took the cake!

NCIS – Toby Ziegler did it!

If the arsonist story is leading up to the season finale — which would seem to be the case — I have to wonder: what about Palmer’s wedding? Wasn’t that supposed to close this season out?

The Good Wife can’t hold the high note

I have no idea why she was there, but the best scene of the season involved Patti Nyholm’s (Martha Plimpton) kid. Will and Peter rode an elevator together only to be met by Alicia; Eli runs into them, followed by Cary. Awkward, awkward, awkward, and then the kid comes riding through. “One of our new associates,” Will says. Awesome!

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