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Twitter: jayblackcomedy
Bio: I am a comedian who performs all over the country. Come and see me some time.

Posts by Jay Black

PodClack – Episode 35: … Smileyface

Jay Black talks with Christy T about ‘Game of Thrones’, little Keane Black pays a quick visit, more ‘Game of Thrones’ talk, cheating loopholes and … more stuff about TV!

PodClack – Episode 34: Rhymes with baloney

In this episode, Jay’s joined by former TV Squadder Bob Sassone (@sassone) about — what else? — TV Squad and AOL.

Studio 60 is back (sorta)

‘Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip’ may no longer exist on television, but it appears more alive and well than ever within several feeds on Twitter.

Why telling your friends about CliqueClack is a moral imperative

Remember FM radio stations of the ’70s, when DJs carried unique personalities and they cared about their station having an identity? Yeah, it’s sorta like that.

PodClack – Episode 33: Talkin’ ’bout the Squad

In this episode, Jay’s joined by clackers Carla Day, Kona Gallagher, Debbie McDuffee and Keith McDuffee to talk about the old and new days of TV Squad.

How Glenn Beck is like Michael Vick

Is it OK to rally behind someone — no matter their insane and/or deplorable actions — just because they play for your “team?”

Verizon FiOS has ruined my marriage

In theory, the idea of a multi-room DVR gives you the great gift of choice. In practice, though, the DVR has become a brutal metaphor for just how divided a marriage with FiOS can be.

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