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Twitter: jayblackcomedy
Bio: I am a comedian who performs all over the country. Come and see me some time.

Posts by Jay Black

PodClack – Episode 42: Whore moans and gay licks

In this episode Jay joins Christy T. to talk about her pregnancy, ‘Breaking Bad’ and How I Met Your Mother,’ and then Charles Kuski teaches Jay a thing or two about ‘Doctor Who.’

PodClack – Episode 41: U-boat

In this episode, Jay’s joined by Christy T. to talk about the MTV awards and more, with a surprise announcement from Christy.

PodClack – Episode 40: FM radio voice

In this episode, comedian Jay Black once again joins Clacker Katie Schenkel to talk about her time at PAX and what else is going on in the world of TV reviewing.

PodClack – Episode 39: Money

In this episode, Jay’s joined by Christy T. to talk about what shows they’d be OK with their kids watching. Or not watching.

PodClack – Episode 38: Brought to you by herring

Jay Black talks with author Jeff Ryan about his new book, ‘Super Mario: How Nintendo Conquered America’, and then with Christy T. about the direction ‘Entourage’ is going and the direction of TV shows in general.

PodClack – Episode 37: German scat porn

Jay Black talks with Christy T about the need for adult beverages at movies and children’s events, the way television programming is handled, and the future of product placement on television.

PodClack – Episode 36: An uneven merge

Jay Black talks with Joel Keller, former editor of the former TV Squad, about the inner workings of the latter days of the ‘Squad and working with Aol TV.

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