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Alphas – Nina is a bad, bad girl

On this episode of ‘Alphas,’ Nina is up to no good, as her team tries to catch her before she spirals completely out of control.

Longmire – A twisty season finale

It’s a twisty season finale of ‘Longmire’, as some truths come to light and other truths are buried.

Alphas – New characters, old powers

New characters join the ‘Alphas’ party, while Gary gets a little more independence, and Rosen finds out that Parish had started on the path to supervillainy a long time ago.

Longmire – Blood measurements

On this week’s ‘Longmire,’ a politically charged case falls into Walt’s lap, as tensions over a new casino and the Branch-Cady relationship overflow.

Alphas – The quick and the dead

The ‘Alphas’ team is having problems in the wake of last week’s reunion, and C. Thomas Howell makes a speedy visit which doesn’t fix anything.

Alphas – Season two picks up after the game changer

Season two of ‘Alphas’ begins, and Rosen has to put the team back together to face the dangerous Alphas of Binghampton, who hold Gary and Bill hostage.

Longmire – Henry goes a-tracking

Walt investigates a twisty homicide and Henry and the Ferg discover a new use for a rabbit hutch.

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