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Meredith O'Brien

Twitter: MeredithOBrien
Bio: An over-caffeinated Boston area freelance writer, I write about pop culture and politics for my blog, Notes from the Asylum ( and pen a weekly pop culture and politics column for the web site Mommy Tracked . . . that's when I'm not obsessing about Mad Men or the Boston Red Sox.

Posts by Meredith O'Brien

The Newsroom – Getting it right instead of first

An allegory for cable news outlets which jump the gun in reporting news that can turn out to be terribly wrong, Aaron Sorkin holds his fictional network up as an unrealistic role model.

Covert Affairs – Who’s zoomin’ who?

In this episode of ‘Covert Affairs’, Annie decides to go rogue, just as Auggie was headed to lock-up.

The Newsroom – Will McAvoy, the hunted

‘The Newsroom’s’ all-over-the-map episode can be summarized with this: Will definitely needs therapy, when he’s not busy fixing the internet.

Covert Affairs – Auggie makes a big leap

While Auggie used his fierce wits to get out of a jam, the ladies of ‘Covert Affairs’ teamed up to help him.

The Newsroom – All for one and one for all

Will McAvoy of ‘The Newsroom’ tried to throw money at ACN’s problems, while his staffers literally threw their bodies into their work.

Covert Affairs – Annie & Auggie make such a cute couple

The ‘Covert Affairs’ writers continue to toy with the Annie-Auggie relationship while plunging the duo into the field and interoffice politics.

The Newsroom – A mission to save the news industry from itself

Will McAvoy is paying a steep price for attempting to ‘civilize’ the world and his industry, ticking off his corporate overlords in the process.

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